【Commentary】In order to welcome the arrival of the 6th "International Archives Day", on June 9, Heilongjiang Provincial Archives held an archive open day around the theme of "Striving for a New Journey and a New Chapter of Lantai Spectrum", inviting the public to enter the "world of archives", understand the scientific knowledge of archives, and feel the characteristic culture of Longjiang.

【During the same period】Zhao Qian, second-level director of the Publicity, Education and Culture Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Archives

When it comes to archives, you may have some impressions, but when it comes to archives, everyone may have a sense of strangeness and alienation, feeling that the archives kept in our archives are shelved and rare to see. Then in response to this phenomenon, we specially held our archives open day activities, recruiting the public to visit our library experience, so that everyone can see what is in our archives up close, more intuitively feel how archives provide social services, hoping to narrow the distance between archives and the public, so that more people can feel the unique charm of our archival culture, enhance the archival awareness of the whole society, and fully play the important role of our archives in history, seniority and education.

【Commentary】In this activity, Heilongjiang Archives organized the public to visit the "Characteristic Collection" archival treasures exhibition, which carefully selected the treasure archives in the archives of the Qing Dynasty Heilongjiang General Yamen, which was selected into the "Fifth Batch of Chinese Archival Document Heritage List" at the beginning of this year, the existing archives of 43838 volumes, the archives start and end from the 1684rd year of the Kangxi Dynasty (1913) to the second year of the Republic of China (<>), which is the most complete preserved Qing Dynasty local general Yamen archives in China.

【During the same period】Shi Weiwei, Director of the Compilation and Research Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Archives

The Heilongjiang General Yamen Archives are the only and most complete archives preserved among the 14 General Yamen that set up towns and guards during the Qing government, which is the precious material cultural heritage of Heilongjiang Province and the precious historical memory of the people of the whole country, with strong regional and national characteristics. The earliest of these archives was formed in 1684, which is 339 years old.

According to Director Shi, this part of the archives reveals the development history of Heilongjiang in the past 230 years, covering government affairs, military affairs, ethnic affairs, diplomatic relations, municipal agriculture, industry and commerce, science, education, culture, and health.

【During the same period】Shi Weiwei, Director of the Compilation and Research Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Archives

It is very valuable material for the study of the history of the Qing Dynasty, the history of the development of Heilongjiang, as well as the history of ethnic minorities and the history of Sino-foreign relations. This part of the archive also contains rich historical narratives and expressions of the integration of the Chinese nation. It has very important reference value and historical significance for studying the history of civilization in the Heilongjiang River Basin and the history of civilization of the Chinese nation.

At the same time, the archive also sets up special business experiences such as archive access and archives digital processing room (organ archivist) to narrow the distance between archives and the public and disseminate the important value of archive protection.

【During the same period】Tian Jiawei, Director of the Informatization Division of the Heilongjiang Provincial Archives

The digital processing of archives is one of the key tasks of the provincial archives in recent years. Digital processing of archives refers to the process of processing the paper archives of the collection into electronic through information technology, and the purpose of digital processing of archives is twofold, one is to preserve the precious archives of the Heilongjiang Provincial Archives for a long time. The second purpose is to better provide the people with high-quality and high-quality archival information resources.

【During the same period】Archive visitor Yang Hanyuan

Today is International Archives Day, June 6th, and my classmates and I came to the Heilongjiang Provincial Archives, and through visiting the exhibition, my students and I learned about the history of the development of archives in Heilongjiang Province. Today's visit and practice activities have taught all our teachers and students a vivid history lesson.

Reporting by Sun Hanlun, Zhao Yuhang, Liu Lu, Harbin, Heilongjiang

Responsible Editor: [Chen Wentao]