Fuzhou, June 6 (Reporter Liu Kegeng) "Blessing Sees Good Drama and Passes on the Torch" Cheng Pai famous artist Sun Jinmei and young actor Wang Chunmei gave a special report performance of "Lock Linsac", which was staged at the Fuzhou Phoenix Theater on the evening of 10 June.

"Lock Linsac" is a masterpiece of Mr. Cheng Yanqiu, one of the "Four Famous Dans", which tells the touching story of how Xue Xiangling, a kind rich lady, repaid and rescued for helping others in the world of wealth and impermanence. To this day, the play is an evergreen tree on the Peking Opera stage, and its achievements in vocal art and singing arrangement rank first in the Cheng School repertoire, and even play an important role in the entire Peking Opera industry.

In the play, Wang Chunmei plays Xue Xiangling and Liu Yongbo plays Mei Xiang. Photo courtesy of Fujian Peking Opera House

The performance, which lasted more than two hours, starred by 24-year-old young actor Wang Chunmei. Wang Chunmei is beautiful in appearance, her voice is clear, and her performance is regular and generous.

This performance is Wang Chunmei's study results report over the past three years with Sun Jinmei, director of the Fujian Peking Opera and winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award. Fujian Peking Opera first-class actor Zhang Meng, first-class performer Ma Zhaochen, national second-class actors Liu Yongbo, Zhang Feifei and others are willing to be green leaves to escort young actors.

In the play, Wang Chunmei plays Xue Xiangling, and Wang Rui plays Zhao Shouzhen. Photo courtesy of Fujian Peking Opera House

Wang Chunmei's master Sun Jinmei, a big disciple of Peking Opera artist Zhang Manling, inherited the essence of Cheng School art, has an elegant temperament, dignified and beautiful stage style, and has successfully created many artistic images of Cheng School characters with soft exterior and inner rigidity, deep connotation, and will interpret the Cheng School singing voice to the extreme with affection, lyricism, low back and tactfulness, and long dark rhyme. She has won many national and provincial awards such as the 26th Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, Shanghai Magnolia Drama Performing Arts Award, and her starring plays such as "Chen Sanliang Climbing Hall", "Yutang Chun" and "Jasper Hairpin" have been selected for the opera "Like Audio and Video" project.

Young actor Wang Chunmei took a group photo with her master Sun Jinmei. Photo courtesy of Fujian Peking Opera House

Sun Jinmei said in an interview that it is her responsibility and mission to pass on her artistic achievements and stage experience to young actors without reservation; The art of Peking Opera has been passed on from generation to generation, and it is necessary to increase the cultivation of young actors.

Sun Jinmei stressed that it is necessary to adhere to integrity and innovation, through channels such as "invite in and send out", let young actors continue to grow, practice the mission of literary and artistic workers in the new era, and let the art of Peking Opera pass on the torch. (End)