Wang Luyao, Tian Minjia, Xiong Jiangrui, Guo Jiayao, Chen Hao

In 2023, the story of a small southern city will be interpreted.

In summer, the temperature in this small city is not low, but there is always one place where the temperature is one degree higher than the others - the green field.

Every Saturday, in the small town, the teams organized by each village will "fight" here, and the players may be the owners of the stalls during the day, or the delivery brothers. But at night, this is their home stadium, and at the moment they are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

On the side of the stadium, the cheers of the audience flew together, and the Miao Dong girl dressed in a full costume was the brightest cheerleader. The men who did not play in this game picked up their own asparagus and took advantage of the intermission to "sheng" all the way.

The game was played from day to night, and the stands of tens of thousands of people were packed. But no one was willing to leave, and the children wore their idol's "battle robes" to cheer on their fathers and brothers.

This is the "Hemei Rural Football Super League" in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, but people prefer to call it "Village Super League". In the game, both the players and the spectators are the protagonists here; No matter where they come from, they are all dazzling heroes at this moment, painting together the happy appearance of the modern Chinese countryside.

"Playing football is a hobby, but also a love of the heart"

It's not the first time that the coolest national style collided with the coolest football game.

This summer, Guizhou's "village super" is popular and "out of the circle", but the love of the people of Rongjiang for football has long been engraved in their bones.

According to the "Rongjiang County Record" published in 1999, in the 20s of the 40th century, due to the turmoil of the war, the then Guangxi University moved into Rongjiang County and introduced football to here - college students played football, basketball, and table tennis on campus, and local people who had never seen these novel "things" were watching curiously.

In the 20s of the 90th century, Rongjiang Chejiang Sanbao Dong Village set off a football boom. Without a venue, local villagers organized themselves to raze a flooded farmland by the river, draw lines with lime powder, make goals out of wood, and create a simple open-air football field with their own hands.

Not only do villagers organize football matches spontaneously during important festivals, but they also call friends to try it out during their leisure time.

As the football mud splashes, you sing and we take the stage, and the thousand-year-old banyan in the village witnesses the laughter of countless young and old. At the moment on the field, the wind and rain are all teenagers.

"At the most lively time, there are fifteen or six teams organized by yourself to participate in the competition." The village elders remember that at this time, the women would often cook a large pot of brown sugar porridge by the river, and whether the village team won or lost, everyone would drink a bowl with joy.

This is the prototype of "Village Chao", full of rural flavor.

Later, the improvised open-air football stadium was destroyed by floods, but the game was not interrupted, but on a larger scale. Yang Yajiang, a villager in Chejiang Village, is also the captain of the "Happy Old Boy" football team in Chejiang Sanbao Dongzhai, and is an avid football enthusiast. He and his teammates managed to find a suitable gymnasium in the county and moved the "village chao" into the standard green field, and so far, there has been no interruption.

"Our competition is held every year." This love for football has long been unforgettable for Yang Yajiang.

This love for football is not only him. At present, there are more than 40 mass amateur football teams in Rongjiang County, and there are 20 teams participating in this year's "Village Super League", all of which are mainly villagers.

The main body of the "village chao" feast in Guizhou is the local people, who are both the creators of this feast and the main subjects who share this feast.

The whole competition is organized spontaneously, decided and implemented by everyone from the initiation of the event, the schedule of the competition, the promotion rules, and the program performance.

Yang Yajiang's "Happy Old Boy" football team currently has more than 70 members, 90% of whom are local Dong people, with an average age of 45. Some of them are excavator drivers and carpenters, some are fishmongers, shop owners, and some are construction workers, repairmen, and small traders.

But as long as they are on the field, they are supermen, abandoning the ordinary, fading the mundane, standing on the field, radiant.

Wei Yajun, who works in Hainan, learned that his hometown was hosting the "Village Super League" competition, and without saying a word, he immediately took leave to go home to participate in the competition. "I grew up in a football atmosphere, and playing football is a hobby, but also a love of the heart."

The football spirit is integrated with the fighting spirit of the people of Rongjiang "dare to chase and dare to fight", and is deeply rooted in this hot land.

"Whether the policies of the Party Central Committee are good or not depends on whether the villagers laugh or cry"

Cheers, applause, cheers... Rejoice and everyone rejoices.

If the players are the first protagonists on the field, then the audience is the second protagonist of the "Village Super League".

Rongjiang is a multi-ethnic county with 16 ethnic groups living here. "Village Chao" is a football event rooted in grassroots soil, from different ethnic groups and different villages working together to create a football atmosphere.

During the break of the game, the stadium instantly became a super party of all ethnic groups in Rongjiang, with the melodious singing of the Dong family girls like the heavenly Dong ethnic group, and the skirts of the Miao family girls "spinning and jumping".

Before each competition, Yang Lu, a villager in Chejiang Village, changed into her national costume and painted beautiful makeup. Before the game, Yang Lu stood in a row with more than ten girls in the same costume and shouted to the camera: "Welcome to Rongjiang, let's watch 'Village Chao' together!" ”

Such a cheerleading team is a "summer dopamine" unique to Guizhou.

"Village Super League" is a football game, not just a football game. The villagers who came from all sides surrounded the entire football field; Women carry baskets of delicacies and share the most authentic rural flavors with everyone; The teenagers cheered while fantasizing about when they would be able to play a "rainbow pass" and perform a "hat-trick" in one fell swoop.

Laughter and cheers arose one after another, heartfelt joy filled the stadium, and smiling faces were like parabolas of victorious goals, converging into a river of moving stars in the night sky.

"Whether the policies of the Party Central Committee are good or not depends on whether the villagers laugh or cry", the answer is self-evident.

"Now that the conditions in all aspects are good, everyone's life is also good, which gives us the confidence, courage and ambition to chase our dreams." Shi Li, captain of the "loyal team" football team in Zhongzhongzhen Town, Rongjiang County, did his best on the field, and was full of confidence under the field.

This is the dream cry of the people of Rongjiang for more than 80 years, and the strong call of nearly 40,<> sons and daughters of Rongjiang to realize their dream of "village chao".

Not only the competition of men, but also the two small women's football teams of Rongjiang Guzhou have successfully advanced to the final four of the provincial youth football league, which is a spirit and a heritage.

In the final analysis, the Chinese dream is the people's dream, which must be realized by closely relying on the people and must continue to benefit the people. Guizhou's "village chao" is the epitome of this.

"We are all dreamers!" Yang Yajiang sighed that football has a strong mass base in Rongjiang, and the fact that the "village super" can be popular and "out of the circle" is the result of their perseverance and hard pursuit of dreams for more than ten years.

"The Communist Party is good! Good new era! ”

"Good ball!" At the scene, the people who cheered and were full of vitality could hardly imagine that it was nearly sixty.

The cheering person was Yang Guangxiong, a villager from Kongshen Village in Liangwang Township, who was excited when it came to football, "'Village Chao' is the pride of our Rongjiang, and we all ages love this." Although I am almost 60 years old, I also want to come to the scene to feel and cheer everyone on! ”

It's just that Yang Guangxiong is just a "young man".

On the court, an octogenarian grandfather specially came from the village dressed in Miao costumes. Grandpa said whenever he met people: "When (I was) a young man, I also liked football, and I heard my grandson say that everyone outside our football here knows that there are many people coming to play football, and I want to come to see it." ”

"The Communist Party is good! Good new era! The old man said with a smile, "Our village road is a cement road, and the dam is also a cement dam, so it is convenient to go anywhere." I'm in my eighties, and I didn't expect to catch up with the good times. ”

Deep in the mountains of Guizhou, old people often say, "The Communist Party is good!" Good new era! As a "mantra".

From barren mountains to abundant forests, from difficult roads to unimpeded, from shrinking clothes and dieting to worrying about food and clothing, from long-term illness to medical care.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guizhou's comprehensive economic strength has made great strides and achieved a historic leap, Guizhou's infrastructure construction has made great strides and achieved historic changes, and Guizhou's people's livelihood and well-being have made great strides and achieved historic improvements.

All 923.66 million poor people have been lifted out of poverty, all 192 poverty-stricken counties have been removed, and <>.<> million people have moved out of the mountains, and Guizhou has realized that counties and counties have access to highways, villages and villages to hardened roads, and households to all households, completely tearing off the label of absolute poverty that has existed for thousands of years, and allowing the people to live a good life.

This greatness is the result of the people's efforts to realize their dreams, a dream expedition of the sons and daughters of Guizhou and the people of Rongjiang in the new journey of building a strong country and national rejuvenation, and it is also a direct expression of the fruits of Guizhou's material and spiritual development of the "millennium change" shared by the people.

Material affluence creates spiritual pursuits. Dong songs, Miao Wumei, and asparagus burst into heartstrings; Watermelon is sweet, rolled powder fragrant, rural revitalization industry is prosperous.

Whether it is the "village BA" that swept the country last year, or the "village super" that is popular all over the world this year. All revolve around the same topic: the people.

The rivers and mountains are the people, and the people are the rivers and mountains. Only by adhering to the people-centered thinking on development, adhering to the principle that development is for the people, development depends on the people, and the fruits of development are shared by the people, can we have a correct outlook on development and modernization.

The masses of the people are the creators of history. The national carnival of Guizhou's "village super" is a direct expression of the fruits of Guizhou's "millennium change" development at both the material and spiritual levels shared by the masses of the people, a fulcrum of Guizhou's practice of striving to promote Chinese-style modernization, and a vivid practice of integrating the basic tenets of Marxism with China's specific reality and with China's excellent traditional culture.

Why is "Murachao" on fire? Because this is the people's strong desire to chase their dreams and pursue a better life, because the happiness of the Chinese-style modern countryside can be seen here.

Guizhou Daily Tianyan News reporter

Planning/Wang Luyao Tian Minjia

Executive / Xiong Jiangrui, Guo Jiayao, Chen Hao

Produced by UR Studios

Edited by Luo Hangnian

Second Instance Liu Shiya

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