Beijing, June 6 (Reporter Ying Ni) The Commercial Press's monthly book launch conference was held online on the evening of the 9th, releasing the "Top Ten Good Books of the Commercial Press" in June 8, which are "Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary" (2023th Edition), "Sound China - The Charm and Possibility of Speech", "Thirteen Classics of Han and Wei Ancient Annotations Series", "Riding the Ice: A Great Polar Scientific Expedition", "What Those Animals Taught Me: A Natural History Notebook of a Nature Observer", "Outline of Modern Fiscal and Tax System Theory", " What makes a good university? "The Birth of Modern Science", "The Constitutional History of Ancient and Modern Concepts", "The World of the Past: The American Continent through the Eyes of Geologists".

Among them, the most important is the Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary (10th edition). As an important brand achievement of the Commercial Press and Oxford University Press for more than 40 years, the latest 10th edition includes nearly 228000,110000 words, phrases and meanings, and nearly 9,1000 examples. Compared with the 3000th edition, more than 5000,1 new words and meanings have been added, the Oxford 1 Glossary has been fully revised, the Oxford 10 Glossary and the Oxford Phrase Academic Glossary have been newly launched, and the CEFR levels of A<>-C<> are marked with core words, meanings and collocations. The book's speaking guide will help users with test performance and presentation practice, while the writing guide will help users plan, complete and review their own writing, and use the included iWriter, iSpeaker interactive software, as well as interactive writing and speaking practice. These are designed to take vocabulary learning to new heights and make users more confident and productive in communicating in English. At the same time, the APP listed simultaneously with the <>th edition of the paper dictionary can get the attached membership permission after scanning the code, supporting multi-terminal adaptation and simultaneous login, making the dictionary not only a good teacher for flipping through the desk for learning, but also a good friend to query at any time.

"Sound China: The Charm and Possibility of Speech" is the latest masterpiece by Professor Chen Pingyuan of the Department of Chinese at Peking University. Through the changes of hook "speech", this new work combines the three paths of reading (text), listening (sound) and viewing (images) to touch history, presenting a modern China with sound, color, movement and stillness, and also through the perspective of the political and cultural atmosphere of the entire era, which can be said to be a special exploration.

The "Thirteen Classics Han and Wei Ancient Annotations Series" is a set of Confucian classic ancient annotations carefully sorted out by professional scholars for many years, including 13 kinds of Confucian classics, including "Zhou Yi Note", "Shang Shu Biography", "Mao Shiji", "Zhou Li Note" and "Li Li Note". The selection of books in the series is based on the ancient notes of Han and Wei collected in the "Four Series", supplemented by other Song and Yuan rare books. In order to adapt to the reading habits of modern people, this series of books has been changed to horizontal row, but in order to maintain the original appearance of ancient books, traditional characters are used, and the norms of ancient books are strictly followed, which can help readers solve the problem of too little white text and too complicated annotations, and provide a detailed and appropriate reading book.

The variety of popular science and natural science books is very rich in June. Crossing the Ice: A Great Polar Expedition in the Horizon Series tells the story of the largest Arctic expedition ever conducted. Author Marcus Rex uses gripping writing to describe how his team overcame unimaginable difficulties and gained groundbreaking knowledge of climate processes in the Arctic hinterland, leading to a better understanding of dramatic climate change in the Arctic. "Nature Perception" and "Nature Library" series are both new: "What Those Animals Taught Me: A Natural History Notebook of a Nature Observer" is a natural history journal written by senior nature observer Zhang Yu with 6 years of accumulation; The Pulitzer Prize-winning book "The World of Old: The American Continent through the Eyes of Geologists" chronicles a journey spanning 30 years, in which the author follows the eyes of geologists to interpret the North American continent's former world hundreds of millions or even billions of years ago.

During the college entrance examination, the Commercial Press launched a new educational book "What is a Good University?" It provides in-depth thinking and investigation on the development of higher education for the majority of candidates, parents and educators. The author finds the answer to what is a good university from the fierce collision of history and reality, tradition and modernity, and Eastern and Western cultural ideas, reveals the inner mystery of why a good university is good, and contributes wisdom and enlightenment to China's construction of a first-class university.

In terms of social science academic books, the famous scholar Gao Peiyong's theoretical work "Outline of Modern Fiscal and Tax System Theory" is of great significance to discuss the issue of fiscal and taxation system from the perspective of Chinese-style modernization, and puts forward many insights for promoting the innovation of fiscal and taxation theory and building China's independent fiscal and taxation system. The "History of Science Translation Series" has added Professor Zhang Butian's latest translation "The Birth of Modern Science", which leads readers to easily understand how modern science was born and deeply understand the relationship between science and philosophy. (End)