Taiyuan, June 6 (ZXS) -- The Organizing Committee of the Pingyao International Film Festival announced on the 8th that the "Pingyao Venture Capital" unit of the 8th Pingyao International Film Festival will open the collection of global Chinese-language script projects from now on, and the collection time will be until July 2023, 7.

The "Pingyao Venture Capital" unit of the 2023th Pingyao International Film Festival in <> officially opened the script project collection. Photo courtesy of the Pingyao International Film Festival Organizing Committee

The "Pingyao Venture Capital" unit is a key unit of the industry sector of the Pingyao International Film Festival, which is set up for Chinese feature film script projects (including animated feature films) with theater or online streaming media platform release potential, and is committed to providing industry communication, resource interaction and financing platform for emerging Chinese creators, and providing incubation opportunities for excellent script projects.

Before October 2023, original Chinese feature film scripts that are in the script development stage or adapted scripts for which the project party holds the adaptation copyright can apply, and projects that have not participated in other similar platforms in Chinese-speaking areas will be given priority.

After two rounds of selection by the "Pingyao Venture Capital" selection committee, the scripts submitted will have the opportunity to be shortlisted for the 50th Pingyao International Film Festival. In addition to making public presentations and recommendations of the script to the judges, industry guests and industry media, and communicating or negotiating with the judges, film investors and distributors, the shortlisted projects will also have the opportunity to receive a cash prize of <>,<> yuan (RMB, the same below).

Since the establishment of the "Pingyao Venture Capital" unit, a number of film scripts have been successfully funded, filmed and entered the market. The award-winning project "Gentle Shell" of the 2023rd Pingyao International Film Festival "Pingyao Venture Capital" was released on May 5, 26, and the current box office has exceeded 1300 million yuan. After the shortlisted script project "Life Events" (originally named "Go to Heaven") was released in June 2022, it received a cumulative box office of 6.17 billion yuan and 12.4253 million moviegoers.

The 10th Pingyao International Film Festival will be held from October 11 to 18 at the Pingyao Film Palace located in the ancient city of Pingyao, Jinzhong, Shanxi. (End)