A number of testimonies have appeared on social media this week after an Irish woman spoke about her experiences at the party after Rammstein's tour premiere in Vilnius recently.

"More women have made serious allegations against our client. These allegations are invariably untrue," the law firm Schertz Bergmann now claims in a statement, which also states that legal action will be taken against the women.

The parties after this weekend's concerts in Munich are cancelled. Even after Rammstein's gigs in Berlin in July, there will be no parties afterwards.

In December, Till Lindemann plays two shows in Sweden, December 5 in Stockholm and December 6 in Malmö.

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Rammstein's singer Till Lindemann is accused of sexual assault. In the clip, Dagens Nyheter's correspondent Lovisa Herold talks about the reactions in Germany. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT