Thierry Léger 05h24, June 09, 2023

For the fifteenth of the day in Vincennes, Thierry Léger recommends playing the numbers 7,11,12,2,6,9,10,3.

Thierry Léger's prediction for tonight's Quinté in Vincennes: 7-11-12-2-6-9-10-3

IMHOTEP FROMENTRO the number 7 who remains on a whole series of good performances but who could have won with more success especially in his last two outings could well see his regularity rewarded tonight by a victory in this Quinté.

The winning bet. Vincennes. meeting 1 in the 1st race: 108 GIBUS.

Here is a chic trotter who always gives his all and who now alternates the two disciplines the mounted trot and the harness trot. Having just won with the manner for his return to the mount he has real chances to achieve the double being visibly well engaged tonight.