"We have encountered some injury concerns. It started with the knee that had messed up a bit. When it started to find its way, the Achilles tendon came instead," Montler told C More.

He has not been able to train the speed as planned.

"We've been able to do all the jumping but not a tougher sprint and that's where we're lagging behind. I'm tough on the plank but can't keep the speed with me. I have to find it or it won't be long," Montler said.

"Can't harrow around on these lengths"

Is there anything worrisome?

"No, I wouldn't say that, but I can't harrow around these lengths. I need to start advancing soon. For every race that goes on, there is one that disappears so I have to start finding the right one soon but this was the first competition that was big for me. Now I'm going home and practicing the speed," says Montler with a smile.

It was a long jump competition that never took off. For example, the sovereign of the discipline Miltiadis Tentoglou won in 8.13.

"It was hard to jump and no lengths to talk about, and that applied to everyone," says Montler.