Amid major changes in measures against the novel coronavirus, the first research meeting specializing in the novel coronavirus was held in Tokyo in order to continue to share the latest research situation among researchers and lead to new knowledge.

The "Novel Coronavirus Research Meeting" was held by virologist Professor Kei Sato of the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, as the first research meeting in Japan dedicated to the novel coronavirus.

The rally held in Shibuya, Tokyo, was attended by about 200 people, including virology researchers.

Hideaki Sena, a writer of novels and non-fiction books on the subject of science, gave a lecture reflecting on the fact that the pandemic situation has changed one after another and it has been difficult to foresee the future, and suggested that "the idea of 'comprehensive knowledge' is important for thinking from a broad perspective such as a medium- to long-term perspective and its impact on society as a whole."

Regarding the novel coronavirus, some people believed in false information and there were problems where it was difficult to gather opinions, and he called on researchers to think about how to deal with citizens and society based on the idea of "comprehensive knowledge."

Professor Sato said, "In order to prepare for the next pandemic, we must not let the new coronavirus research stand down, and we would like to develop our research through such opportunities."