According to the latest data released by Thailand's tourism department, from January to May 2023, 1, the number of international tourists entering Thailand reached 5.15 million, and tourism revenue reached 947 billion baht (US$3910 is about 1 baht), of which about 35 million Chinese tourists entered Thailand. Thanne Phuisuwong, Deputy Director of Markets for Asia and the South Pacific, National Tourism Authority of Thailand, said: "Chinese tourists have injected impetus into the recovery of Thailand's tourism industry. Thailand will do more to provide tourists with a better and sustainable service experience. ”

Thailand is one of the most popular overseas travel destinations for Chinese tourists. In view of the rapid growth of demand for outbound travel from China, major airlines plan to increase routes and flights between China and Thailand. From June 6, flights from China to Thailand are expected to increase to about 1 per week. The Thai-Chinese Tourism Association expects that with the increase in flights and the arrival of summer vacation, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other holidays, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand this year will return to 430% of the pre-epidemic level. The Tourism Authority of Thailand estimates that between 2023.530 million and 700 million Chinese tourists will visit Thailand in <>.

"Chinese tourists are an important part of international visitors to Thailand. The Tourism Authority of Thailand will wholeheartedly provide Chinese tourists with a safer and better travel experience. Yuthasa, director of the National Tourism Authority of Thailand, said. Recently, the National Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thai Police Department jointly held the "Trustworthy Thailand, the more fun you have in Thailand", which was vigorously promoted to Chinese tourists. Recently, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has also launched a number of promotional activities, holding roadshows in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, organizing business negotiations between tourism agencies of the two countries to promote tourism projects in Thailand. "We will focus on promoting Thai tourism products and services through Chinese online platforms, and promote Thai entrepreneurs to the Chinese market," Yuthasa said. ”

China's tourism industry has also taken active action, with many travel agencies launching Thailand-themed tourism series products such as the Island Tourism Year and Songkran, integrating various elements such as culture, life and cuisine into their products to meet the diverse needs of tourists.

Thailand's economy is expected to grow by 3.4% this year, driven by tourism, with the main engine of economic growth shifting from exports to tourism. The Thai government has also formulated a long-term policy for the comprehensive development of tourism. On January 1, the Thai Cabinet approved the five-year master plan for the 3-2023 National Tourism Development Strategy, aiming to double the number of international tourists to Thailand and Thailand's tourism revenue in five years, reaching 2027 million and 5 trillion baht respectively.

(People's Daily Bangkok)