With regard to financial resources for measures to address the declining birthrate, Prime Minister Kishida indicated his intention to formulate a "reform roadmap" that includes specific details of expenditure reform for social security expenses.

In order to strengthen measures to address the declining birthrate, the government presented a draft of the "Children's Future Strategy Policy" last week, stating that it will secure an annual budget in the mid-3 trillion yen range over the next three years and concentrate on expanding child allowances, while continuing to consider specific details of the project, stating that financial resources will be raised through expenditure reforms and other means.

In response to this, Prime Minister Kishida stated at the Committee on Finance and Finance of the House of Councillors on May 8, "We will secure stable revenue sources by fiscal 2028 by accumulating expenditure reforms and other measures over multiple years, and the specific details will be presented in the formulation of the reform roadmap."

In response to the suggestion that expenditure reform of social security costs would lead to an increase in the burden on the elderly and a reduction in benefits, he simply stated, "Reforms in medical insurance and long-term care insurance include a wide range of initiatives, such as improving the efficiency of the medical care provision system and utilizing IT in the nursing care field."

Promoting LGBT understanding Three bills will be deliberated from 3th

On the other hand, Prime Minister Kishida stated that in relation to the deliberations of three bills submitted by both the ruling and opposition parties at the Lower House Cabinet Committee on September 3 to promote understanding of LGBT people, "The Government must advance efforts to realize a society where diversity is respected, where all people value each other's dignity and human rights, and can enjoy vibrant lives."