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More than one (and a thousand...) would say that their dream job would be to travel the world with all expenses paid. Well, that job exists and can be obtained by the lucky ones who participate (and are chosen) in the original contest to travel the planet for four weeks this summer. Designated candidates will need to have skills to film, photograph and share their adventures and travel tricks to upload to social media. At the end of the period, the contestants (and the companion they choose: that information was missing) will keep all the money they manage to save from the initial budget of 10,000 euros after completing all the challenges.

Whoever is eager to live the experience becoming one of the six world travel hackers (as these adventurers are called) should know that the organizing entity is Kiwi.com, the company specialized in travel technology, who. in collaboration with Visa, it will choose the six selected and their partners a series of challenges. These include booking a cheap flight anywhere in less than three minutes on the Kiwi app; eating the national dish of five countries in three days in the capital of each country; Find a single destination to travel to where it is possible to attend a concert, a sporting event and visit an amusement park in a single day.

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Of course, from the organization they assure that this work is not for everyone, "but we believe that everyone will want it. It is not made for the comfortable or for those who are too afraid to do things that others only talk about. It is for those who have an adventurous spirit, know how to find ingenious ways to travel for less money and enjoy creating entertaining content for social networks, so that they can share their travel tips and everyone can benefit, "says Golan Shaked, commercial director of the portal responsible, whose team will select and hire the candidates. "We're looking forward to adding these special summer recruits to our team in what will likely be the summer job of a lifetime."

Requirements for participants

Candidates must be over 18, fluent in English, have a passport valid for at least six months after August 2023, and be able to create content on social media. To land the four-week summer job, candidates need to find a like-minded travel companion to help them prove that they are the team of travel experts the company is looking for.

Together they have to record and edit a fun video of their hometown in English until June 11 on the Kiwi website in which they show that they know how to find ingenious ways to travel for less money, they love to share their tips on how to travel differently, they are good at planning itineraries, They can sacrifice some comfort in order to save money and enjoy creating entertaining content about their adventures and clever little tricks.

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Recent research studies have shown that becoming an influencer or YouTuber is one of the most desired jobs by young people, especially for Generation Z. Not surprisingly, according to pre-pandemic research conducted in the UK by leading statistics company Statista GmbH, becoming a social media influencer (17%) and YouTuber (14%) were the second and third most desired career options. Another report, this time from the online remittance company Remitly made from Google query data revealed that these two options are among the 10 most desired jobs worldwide, and ranks first in Spain.

Combining work and travel is a trend that has quickly become popular. A survey of consumers in Central Europe showed that two out of three participants believe that travelling and working simultaneously positively affects their mental health. Specifically, 38.6% said that exploring a new place helps them release stress and makes them happier, which has a positive reflection on their work, while 30.3% answered that traveling opens new perspectives and inspires new ideas.

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