Solène Delinger / Photo credit: Screenshot TF1 19h00, June 08, 2023

This Thursday, June 8, 2023, Frédéric Longbois, former candidate of "The Voice", was invited on the set of the show "Chez Jordan" on C8. The opportunity for the singer to return to his participation in the singing competition of TF1 and to give his opinion very cash on the arrival of Bigflo and Oli for the twelfth season.

Bigflo and Oli made their debut on The Voice this year. A great first for the famous singing contest of TF1, which had never recruited rappers to settle in the red chairs of coaches. If Bigflo and Oli have themselves admitted to having struggled to feel in their place, the two Toulouse brothers have undeniably brought a breath of fresh air to the tele-hook.

Bigflo and Oli, good losers

True to themselves, the performers of Dommage did not hesitate to titillate their coach friends Zazie, Vianney and Amel Bent, to invent themselves cameramen on the set or to embark on freestyles with their talents. The production is convinced: it is thanks to them that audiences have risen this year among 15-24 year olds. In the final, Bigflo and Oli, who no longer had any talent in contention, still played the game. Good losers, they supported the talents of the opposing teams and were also ambiently when David Guetta set fire to the set of the show with a medley of his greatest hits.

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The duo was unanimously acclaimed by viewers and contestants of The Voice... or almost. Guest in the show Chez Jordan on C8, Frédéric Longbois, former candidate of the tele-hook, has tackled the two rappers. "I like them a lot because I had done with them a collegiate on The Voice," he first said before going on the attack: "But they are not made to be coaches, they are not singers, they are rappers". The former candidate, who had been noticed during the blind auditions with a cover of the title Bécassine by Chantal Goya, concluded by qualifying his remarks: "It's very good that they are there, but I think they are not the best coaches for a show like this on the song. Maybe I'm talking nonsense, because The Voice also wants characters." Bigflo and Oli will enjoy it!