A regular barbershop, the windows are clear, there is air conditioning, there is a color TV to see, and a haircut only costs a few dollars, which is unimaginable in the city. On June 6, the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter met this husband and wife barbershop called "Liu Ju Hair Salon" on Longchuan Old Street, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City. As of this month, barbershops have been open for 8 years. To the reporter's surprise, the price of a haircut in a hair salon for 34 consecutive years has been 23 yuan; After that, he was "forced" to increase the price by 2 yuan, and adjusted to the current 1 yuan 3 years ago. Even if it is the "highest price" of 5 yuan, it is the "lowest price" in the barbershops with the same conditions in the entire Jiangdu and even Yangzhou.

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Chen Yong

Walking into the old street and asking casually, there are enthusiastic residents who take the initiative to guide the way

"You look for Liu Ju's hair salon, I'll take you there!" Liu Ju's hair salon is open in the depths of Longchuan Old Street, Jiangdu, and the location is not conspicuous. But walking into the old street, casually asking, there are enthusiastic residents who take the initiative to lead the way. In front of the store, in addition to the shop sign and festive red lanterns, the wooden sign "Alley People's Star" issued by the community is eye-catching, and the sign is engraved with the owner's motto "Don't be small and do nothing".

Entering the barbershop, I saw that the space was spacious and the decoration was fresh, and two customers could get a haircut at the same time. Click, click, hostess Liu Ju is giving customers a haircut, skillful movements, and enthusiastic interaction from time to time. There are constantly customers sitting on chairs waiting, and every customer who enters the store has to have a few homely words with Liu Ju. The reporter noticed that some customers paid cash or scanned the code after cutting, and many elderly people handed Liu Ju a coupon. It turned out that the hair salon cooperated with the Yuwanggong community where it was located to issue free service cards to empty nesters and elderly people in the community.

Liu Ju, who is over fifty years old, has an ancestral barbering skill. At the end of the 80s, she opened a barbershop in Pudong, Shanghai, and her husband Zhou Xiangguo bought a truck to engage in transportation in Shanghai, and later because the old mother was critically ill and the child was still young, they decided to return to Jiangdu to take care of their family while using their own store to open a barbershop. In June 1989, "Liu Ju Hair Salon" opened its doors. Zhou Xiangguo said, "Our service targets are residents of old towns, many of whom do not have high incomes. So we set the price at 6 yuan, which was low at the time. ”

The price that has not moved for 23 years was "forced" by customers to increase by 1 yuan

The Yangtze Evening News reporter learned that after the opening of the barbershop, the price of 2 yuan has lasted for 23 years. In May 2012, a fire in a neighbor's house hit the couple's barbershop, destroying all the roofs of the store, leaving only their shells. In order to repair the old house, the couple spent a lot of money before and after. "Originally, we didn't want to raise prices, after all, after so many years, the 'rules' cannot be broken. But at that time, many old customers advised us to increase the price, and some customers even said, 'If you don't raise the price, we won't come'. It was originally a small business, and the cost of repairing the house was very large, so it increased by 5 yuan. Liu Ju told reporters that in 1, the haircut became 2013 yuan; Five years later, in 3, the house was rebuilt, and it increased by 5 yuan to 2018 yuan; In 1, the barbershop was renovated and the price was adjusted to 4 yuan, until now.

During the reporter's interview, both customers who came to get haircuts and neighbors around them said that the price of 5 yuan was still the cheapest in Jiangdu.

The customer made up a slip for the barbershop: "Fast and good, for very little fee"

"After a long time, I also have feelings with old customers, and we must be more cautious about whether or not to rise or not. For us, losing the trust of customers and cooling the hearts of old customers is our biggest failure. I can't say that my price is the lowest, but I can definitely say that the price of barbershops with the same conditions and the same size is basically more than 10 yuan, about 20 yuan. Zhou Xiangguo said that after opening the store for a long time, the customer also made up a few casual words: "It is fast and good, and the fee is very small; Acquaintances, introductions, can be found. ”

A customer waiting for a haircut in the store said: "The craftsmanship is so good and the price is so low, we are sometimes a little embarrassed. When turning on the air conditioner in winter and summer, we recommend raising the price a little and charging an extra dollar or two for the air conditioning fee is normal. But Lao Zhou said, turn on the air conditioner, even if you don't come, we will blow it. ”

The reporter learned from the interview that the customers of the "Liu Ju Hair Salon" include those from the community, Fairy Town, and surrounding townships. Attracting so many people to come, the low price is on the one hand, and good craftsmanship is also an important reason. "Liu Ju Hair Salon is not only a barbershop, but also a place for community residents to communicate, a place to transmit positive energy. Everyone talks about the good people around them, saying that the new wind of society, the husband and wife are respected and have a high popularity. The relevant person in charge of the Yuwanggong community in Fairy Town, Jiangdu District, said that as the first "love psychology hair station" designated by the community, "Liu Ju Hair Salon" also teaches free haircutting skills to social workers and volunteers from time to time, and provides free door-to-door services for the elderly with reduced mobility.

The reporter saw in the store that the small hair salon won many honors. There are the "Special Contribution Award for Learning Good People, Keeping Good Intentions, and Doing Good Deeds" issued by the Party General Branch of Yuwanggong Community in Fairy Town, Jiangdu District, the "Jiangdu Good People" trophy issued by the Propaganda Department of the Jiangdu District Party Committee and the Jiangdu District Civilization Office, and the "Honesty and Trustworthiness" thumbs trophy issued by the locality.