The Supreme Court, which compiled a report last month on the circumstances of the juvenile case that attracted social attention, issued an apology directly to the bereaved families of the runaway accident that occurred in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture on June 6. The bereaved family asked for all records of incidents that claimed human lives.

In response to the discovery of the destruction of records of serious incidents such as the serial murder of children in Kobe City in 1997 and the runaway accident in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture in 2012 that killed and injured 10 people including children, the Supreme Court compiled and released a report on the history of disposal and the state of preservation on May 25.

On the 6th, Minori Nakae, who lost her daughter Yukihime (then 26 years old) who was pregnant in a runaway accident in Kameoka City, received a direct explanation of the contents of the report from a Supreme Court official at the Kyoto Family Court.

In this accident, the Supreme Court investigation revealed that the manager in charge of the Kyoto Family Court believed that records could only be kept for serious cases such as murder and arson, and proceeded with the disposal procedure without consulting the director.

The person in charge of the Supreme Court once again apologized, and Mr. Nakae demanded that all records of incidents that took human lives be kept, and that the bereaved families be consulted on how records should be preserved and destroyed in the future.

Ms. Nakae said, "I felt that the Supreme Court was thinking deeply about the issue, and I hope that you will look closely at the record, which is the cry of the victims, and work with a sense of urgency in the future."