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Sprayed jet: demonstrators want to draw attention to climate crisis

Photo: Last Generation

Climate protection demonstrators of the initiative "Last Generation" have sprayed a private jet with orange paint on Sylt. The police were in use, said a spokeswoman for the responsible police department Flensburg. She spoke of five people involved.

In a written statement, those responsible for the "Last Generation" explained that the fence of the airport site had been cut through in two places with bolt cutters. Those involved ran to the planes and sprayed a jet with bright paint.

Banners were rolled out on the wings with the inscriptions "Your luxury = Our drought" and "Your luxury = Our crop failures".

The spokesman for the "Last Generation", Theodor Schnarr, criticized Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) for delays in climate protection. According to the protesters, millionaires and billionaires contribute disproportionately to climate change. The owners of private jets, limousines and superyachts would not voluntarily abandon them. In order to reduce these emissions, laws are needed.