The award ceremony for the Japan Toy Awards was held ahead of the opening to the public for the first time in four years at the Tokyo Toy Show, one of the largest toy fairs in Japan, which began on the 8th, and products that were a hit in the Heisei era and were equipped with communication functions and enjoyed by connecting with the world were selected for the grand prize.

The Grand Prize winner of the Japan Toy Awards was selected in seven categories, and in the Basic Toy Category, a toy with the ability to match the shape of a toy that matches the colors of the six faces of a cube was selected, and was highly evaluated as tickling the hearts of enthusiasts.

In addition, in the "Communication Toys" category, a portable game console that nurtures egg characters, which was a big hit in the Heisei era, was selected and equipped with a "Wi-Fi" function, and was evaluated for being able to connect and enjoy the world.

In addition to the seven categories, the "Hit Sales Award" will be selected for the PCs of characters such as "Pengin" and "Tonkatsu" who like Sumikko, and you can enjoy video streaming play.

The domestic toy market continues to expand against the backdrop of strong sales of trading cards, and the market size of the last fiscal year announced by the Japan Toy Association on June 6 was 9525.1 billion yen, the highest ever, and when "capsule toys" containing toys in capsules are added, the market size exceeded 8 trillion yen for the first time.

Daisuke Fujii, an expert member of the Trade Fair Committee of the Japan Toy Association, said, "New toys are constantly being created by manufacturers enhancing each other, and I think they will continue to evolve while incorporating social issues and trends."

The Tokyo Toy Show, one of the largest toy fairs in Japan, will begin on the 10th, and on the 11th and 4th, it will be open to the public for the first time in four years, and the award-winning products will also be exhibited on the 6th.