The shower head, Womanizer Wave, which in addition to washing serves to masturbate is not something casual: it is launched after knowing that many women have their first masturbatory experience in the shower. A theory that the figures support, since 7 out of 10 (68%) have masturbated in the shower or bathtub; And specifically in Spain 56% of women have used the shower head to do so.

And how is the artichoke in question? It has jet settings designed with the aim of obtaining the most pleasant sensations through water, and is conceived based on Womanizer's extensive experience in the sector.

These jets have been created with a double purpose: stimulation and use in the shower. For example, Pleasure Jet produces constant, rhythmic stimulations; Pleasure Whirl provides stimulating and surprising movements, and Powder Rain has become the most popular, gentle and soothing shower stream.

And of course this artichoke has its eco side: the EcoSmart technology of Womanizer Wave allows you to reduce water consumption by 60%.

An instrument that is backed by product testing. From them these certainties have been drawn: from the panel of testers who have tested Womanizer Wave it has been seen that 86% have used it to de-stress; 80% agree that it improves their mood, and 74% agree that Wave provides them with a great experience, while 87% of users experience orgasms with it.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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