• Victorino reigns again in his fiefdom with a spectacular bullfight
  • Almeida not only opens absolute majority: presents his new girlfriend 22 years younger and relative of the Bourbons

I do not know if the world of the bull and the journalism that claims to deal with the bulls are aware of the importance and transcendence of Felipe VI's return to the bulls five years later. He had not returned to the Corrida de la Prensa since 2018. But it is not only that although it is fundamentally that.

The presence of the King was joined by that of the Minister of Culture, the Catalan Miguel Iceta. It is not a trivial fact that the head of Culture in Spain of the Government of Pedro Sánchez appears in a barrier of Las Ventas after the Supreme forced to reverse the exclusion of bullfighting from the cultural youth bonus.

Victorino Martín, president of the Toro de Lidia Foundation, the institution that presented the appeal, stressed it in the circle that we fulfilled to Felipe VI: "Man, Iceta! This is a surprise."

Iceta sat to the right of the Monarch, and to the left of the Monarch Paco Ojeda. They attended a colossal spectacle, a corridón by Victorino Martín before a square crowded to the tiles. Ureña summarized before them the historical roots of the party before it was an art: the atavistic struggle between a man willing to give his life and the totemic beast of the brave bull. In origin and in essence we are that.

By the alley occupied locality the ex-vice-president of the Government, Carmen Calvo. Which is not minor data either. And the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, who introduced his girlfriend, much younger than him, and this news that gives many readings overshadowed with its light the reading of the transcendence of the return of the King of Spain to the first place in the world to support bullfighting next to the socialist Minister of Culture, the Catalan Iceta.

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