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Gut Schierensee: Fire brigade operation after barn fire

Photo: Daniel Passig / KFV RD-ECK

An employee was injured in a fire in a barn on the historic Schierensee estate in the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde. The man had been taken to a clinic with burns to the hand and neck area, the fire department said.

Five horses, which were housed in the barn, could therefore be saved. The other buildings on the extensive grounds, which belong to the Günther Fielmann Foundation Schierensee, were not affected by the fire.

Kripo investigates the cause of the fire

According to the information, the fire broke out on Sunday evening around 20 p.m. in the approximately 30 by 120 meter building. According to the fire brigade, around 220 firefighters were on duty until late in the evening.

On Monday, some firefighters were still on site for extinguishing work, it said. The Criminal Investigation Department has started the investigation into the cause of the fire. So far, no information has been provided on the amount of damage.