The Okinawa Actors School, which had been training Okinawa's leading artists, resumed full-scale activities for the first time in about 20 years, and on the 4th, the newly trained members were unveiled in Naha City.

The Okinawa Actors School, which opened in Showa 58, produced artists with singing and dancing skills, and caused a huge boom throughout the country, but in the 2000s, its activities were drastically reduced.

On the 4th, Anna Makino, who was appointed as the producer, held a press conference in Naha City and stated, "I would like to carry this big sign on my back and do my best to leave the best results as a representative of Okinawa."

After this, 4 members of "B.B.WAVESjr.", who were selected through auditions in April, gave a singing and dance performance.

One of the members, Neil, a sixth-grader, said, "I want to make my own songs and impress the audience, so that's my goal."