At Sanuki Mannou Park in Kagawa Prefecture, where about 2,<> hydrangeas are planted, the "Hydrangea Festival" is held to entertain visitors.

In Mannou Park, where 40,2 hydrangeas of 3 varieties are planted, the "Hydrangea Festival" is held from the 40rd of this month, and the early-flowering varieties are in full bloom.

Of these, the hydrangea called "Beniforew" is characterized by the fact that the white gaku that has changed like petals gradually turns red from now on, so you can enjoy the color change.

In addition, "Kashiwaba hydrangea" is named because the leaves are shaped like wrinkles, and the flowers are white and shaped like a pyramid.

According to the park, in the middle of this month, the "Japanese hydrangea", which has a large number of trees, will also bloom, and it will be in full bloom as a whole.

Keiji Hashiguchi, manager of the Business Management Division of the Mannou Park Management Center, said, "Hydrangeas are about to reach their full bloom, and there are 25 varieties of hydrangeas in the park, each with its own characteristics, so I hope you will enjoy the difference in shape and color."

The Hydrangea Festival is open until the <>th of this month, and Japanese umbrellas and other items are also rented out during the festival so that you can enjoy taking pictures with the hydrangea.