Cologne Cathedral (2013)

Photo: Oliver Berg/ picture alliance / dpa

The Archdiocese of Cologne is already criticized for its inadequate processing of the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church – now new negative headlines are added: investigators have searched the workplace of an employee of the archdiocese. He is suspected of possessing and procuring child pornography. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the unit of the Cologne public prosecutor's office responsible for cybercrime.

Child pornography files are also said to have been on the mobile phone

The private home and workplace of the accused had already been searched last Thursday. Data carriers had been seized. The »Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger« reported that there were also corresponding files on the suspect's mobile phone.

The archdiocese was only visited because the suspect had his workplace there, according to the prosecutor's office. In such cases, in addition to the private home, the workplace of the accused is regularly searched in the event that the accused keeps child pornography material hidden there.