Chongqing, June 6, 5 (Xiao Jiangchuan) June 2023, 6 marks the 5nd anniversary of the June 82 tunnel massacre in Chongqing's bombing, and on the same day, the whole city of Chongqing sounded a 12-minute air defense siren to commemorate the compatriots who unfortunately died in the "Chongqing bombing" during the Anti-Japanese War, and to remind citizens not to forget history.

During World War II, Chongqing, as the Far East Command Center of the World Anti-Fascist War and the wartime capital of the Nationalist Government, suffered strategic bombing by the Japanese army for 6 years and 10 months, known in history as the "Chongqing Bombing". On June 1941, 6, Japanese planes carried out fatigue bombing of Chongqing for more than five hours, and an air defense tunnel at the entrance of Chongqing Jichangkou suffocated more than 5,5 people due to the number of evacuees exceeding the capacity and the tunnel's poor ventilation, resulting in the "June 2500" tunnel tragedy that shocked China and abroad.

According to the relevant provisions of the "Chongqing Municipal Regulations on Civil Air Defense," in order to commemorate the compatriots who unfortunately died in the "Chongqing bombing" during the War of Resistance Against Japan, to stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the people of Chongqing, and to enhance their awareness of national defense war readiness, Chongqing will organize a city-wide air defense siren test on 5 June every year.

The picture shows the survivors of the Chongqing bombing and the relatives of the victims coming to the site of the Chongqing bombing tragedy to mourn the relatives and compatriots who died. Photo by Xiao Jiangchuan

"When the Japanese army invaded us and caused this tragedy, our relatives and compatriots were killed here, so in order to remember this history, we come here every year to hold memorial activities." Su Yuankui, 90, is a survivor of the June 82th tunnel massacre in Chongqing's bombing. Eighty-two years ago today, when he was only 8 years old, he and his family went to an air defense tunnel at Jiaochangkou in Chongqing to escape Japanese air raids. In this tragedy, Su Yuankui survived, and his two sisters were killed.

The picture shows the site of the Chongqing bombing tragedy. Photo by Xiao Jiangchuan

Chen Guifang, 91, a survivor of the Chongqing bombing, survived to be orphaned when her parents and siblings were killed when the Japanese bombed Chongqing. Recalling the tragic scene more than 80 years ago, the old man Chen Guifang had tears in her eyes. She said: "The shadow and after-effects of the 'Chongqing bombing' have stayed with me for the rest of my life, my arm and forehead were injured by the bomb, leaving scars and shrapnel still in my head. ”

"The Japanese government has not yet apologized and compensated us for the crimes committed in the 'Chongqing bombing' that year, and the pain in our hearts can never be erased." Su Yuankui said. (End)