Solène Delinger / Photo credit: Sipa 16:50 pm, June 05, 2023

This Monday noon, Évelyne Dhéliat was invited on the set of the game "Les douze coups de midi" as part of the operation "Mobilization cancer, all together with researchers". The weather presenter of TF1 recently decided to speak publicly about her breast cancer, as she explains in an interview with the magazine "Nous Deux".

She fought silently against her illness for a long time... At the age of 75, Évelyne Dhéliat decided to break the silence and talk about her breast cancer. "That's right, I didn't talk about it much. I developed a breast tumor in 2012 and I felt it was very personal, "she said Monday, June 6 in the columns of the magazine Nous Deux.

"The testimony of well-known people is essential"

Évelyne Dhéliat kicked off this Monday the week dedicated to the operation "Cancer mobilization, all together with researchers". It was on the set of the Douze coups de midi, facing Jean-Luc Reichmann. A strong commitment for the weather presenter who recently had a big click: "At the launch of the Pink October awareness campaign in 2022, I heard doctors say that the testimony of well-known people, especially on the theme of screening, was not only important but essential. There, I understood that I had to stop staying in my corner, "she explained in Nous Deux.

"Cancer is a war"

It was at this time that Évelyne Dhéliat decided to put her notoriety to the benefit of the fight against the disease. "I felt a kind of responsibility. So a fight, yes, because a cancer is a war," she said, before adding: "You have to have the necessary weaponry to fight against the enemy and sometimes be able to share your weapons." The weather presenter quickly realized that her speech had been beneficial: "I learned that my interventions had given courage to many women," she assured with pride.