Original title: The latest data announced! Shocking!

in life

We can't do without plastic at every turn:

Bottles, bags, cups, buckets, straws...

However, have you ever thought about it

A small plastic item

How much harm can it bring?

According to the latest news from the United Nations Environment Programme:

More than 4 million tons of plastic are produced globally every year

One-third of them are used only once;

This is equivalent to 2000,<> garbage trucks laden with plastic every day

dumping plastic into rivers, lakes and seas;

In us

Ingested food, drinking water and breathing air

Microplastics are non-porous

These pictures

It may make you uncomfortable

But that's the harsh reality


Wakatobi, Indonesia

A stranded whale was spotted locally

The stomach is full of plastic waste

It has 12 pounds of plastic waste in its belly

This includes 115 cups

Near a large dam in Serbia

Covered with plastic waste

Bay of Naples, Italy

Brought by storms at sea

Plastic waste and debris

A British man while diving in the waters off Bali

A scene filmed

There is a lot of plastic waste floating in the ocean

Fish and other marine life are avoided

Image source: Visual China

Sea area of Hatay Province, Turkey

Floating plastic waste

It seriously threatens the survival of marine wildlife

Image source: Visual China

It is a 3 to 4 day voyage from the coast of Brazil

On the island of Trindade

A geologist found out

Rocks formed by large amounts of plastic

Over the past 30 years

As many as 100 million species are endangered

The last half century

The rate at which the temperature rises

The highest value in 2000,<> years


By 2050

There may be more plastic in the ocean than fish!

Infographic: In July 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam, an art exhibition called "Reduce the Litter" was held at the French Cultural Center in Hanoi.


Most of the plastic never really disappeared


It turns into smaller particles that are swallowed by fish or other animals

Eventually back to human food and drinking water

Disposable plastic that is thrown away at will

Not just a big hassle

And the pollution crisis

It is also one of the biggest environmental problems of our time

Infographic: In April 2019, plastic waste collected by a newly established environmental recycling company in Billton, Switzerland.

A new report from the United Nations Environment Programme shows:

If action is taken immediately

Repurposing, recycling plastics, adapting practices,

We use a variety of materials other than plastic

By 2040

You can reduce plastic pollution by 80%!

We have and only one Earth

To care for the environment is to love ourselves

6 June, World Environment Day

This year's theme is "Plastic Battles Quick"

Let's commit together:

Protecting the planet,

Start with you and me, start now!

(Source: China News Service WeChat public account)