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Heavy equipment: Otherwise there was often no way through in Leipzig last night

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In Leipzig, the state of emergency continues to prevail late on Saturday evening and Sunday night. Until early Sunday morning, the police were in confrontation with demonstrators, said a spokesman for the Leipzig police.

In the city, there are "gatherings of apparently violent" people in various places, the Saxon police said on Saturday evening via Twitter. Emergency services were attacked and barricades were erected and set on fire. The police are clearing the barricades in the south of the city with special cars.

"We call for prudence"

The fire brigade and police extinguished the barricades together. According to their own statements, the police were deployed with several hundred and were prepared for "a violent course in this phase of the operation". We call for prudence in order not to let the situation escalate further," the police wrote on Twitter.

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In a statement from the Leipzig police department, there was also talk of the erection of barricades. To extinguish the burning barricades, the police used water cannons. The district of Connewitz was particularly affected by the riots. A police station had been attacked with stones. Two officers were injured, the Saxon police said Sunday morning on Twitter.

Already on Saturday night there were riots

Already on Saturday night, there had been violent clashes between the police and suspected left-wing extremist demonstrators. Five men who were arrested were brought before the magistrate at the Leipzig District Court on Saturday, police said.

An arrest warrant was issued against all five defendants for serious breach of the peace. They would be taken to a correctional facility. According to the information, there are two 28-year-olds and three men aged 20, 25 and 32.

Lina E. and three co-accused men were sentenced to several years in prison on Wednesday by the Saxon Higher Regional Court in Dresden for violent attacks on right-wing extremists. The left-wing scene mobilized nationwide in protest for a so-called "Day X demo" on Saturday.