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Do you know how big the blind zone of an SUV model really is? A few days ago, the Henan Zhengzhou traffic police did a test, and 75 children could be hidden in the blind zone of the SUV model! During the test, the traffic police put the kindergarten teacher in the driver's seat of an SUV police car and put on an eye patch, and then guided 75 kindergarten children to stand in the blind zone around the vehicle. After the child in front of the vehicle was squatting on the ground, the teacher took off the blindfold, and by looking around the vehicle and looking in the rearview mirror, the teacher did not even notice a single child.

The so-called vehicle blind zone is the part of the area where the driver is in the normal driving position, and his line of sight is blocked by the car body and cannot be directly observed. Once entering the blind spot of the vehicle, pedestrians and non-motor vehicles are easily "swallowed" at the moment of vehicle starting and turning. It can be seen that the vehicle blind zone is an important topic related to life safety. It is reported that the wider and higher the car body, the greater the range of the vehicle blind zone. In addition, when the vehicle is moving, the blind zone is larger than when stationary. Obviously, these safety knowledge about the blind spot of the car is a kind of knowledge that needs to be urgently supplemented by the public.

Whether it is a large truck or a car, the vehicle itself has a certain blind zone, but the blind zone of large motor vehicles is larger. In the process of motor vehicle driving, other vehicles, terrain, roads, turns and other factors will also cause blind spots for drivers, and each blind spot has potential safety hazards. According to statistics, there are as many as 50,<> traffic accidents caused by blind spots in motor vehicles every year in the world, most of which are victims of children. Not long ago, a primary school student in Wuhan was hit and killed by a teacher's car in school, and some people analyzed that the teacher may have not seen the child because of the blind spot of the vehicle.

Compared with ordinary cars, SUVs are larger, but not everyone knows how big the blind zone of an SUV is. The Zhengzhou traffic police measured the blind spot of SUVs on the occasion of Children's Day, and the results were shocking - the blind spot of an SUV could hide 75 children. Suppose, if 75 children are hidden in the SUV blind spot, if the driver starts the vehicle in a hurry, it is likely to cause multiple child casualties, and the consequences are unimaginable. It can be said that this test result has taught the majority of SUV owners a "safety lesson": it is necessary to develop the habit of observing around the car for a week before getting on the car, to prevent people, especially children, from being in the blind spot, and the loss of life caused by the start of the vehicle.

At the same time, parents should also take responsibility for supervision, keeping their children away from the blind spots of SUVs, large trucks and other vehicles. This requires relevant departments to do a good job in safety education, which can really touch children and parents. The Zhengzhou traffic police through actual measurement is obviously a very good way of safety education. In addition, relevant cases can be used to make children and their parents remember. As a child's guardian, you must not only understand the blind zone of SUV and other models, but also tell your child to stay away from the blind zone, and even parents can take drills and other methods to make the "blind spot danger" deeply imprinted in the child's mind, and let the child regard the blind spot of motor vehicles as an "invisible big bad wolf". When traffic police, parents, and schools carry out "vehicle blind spot education" in a variety of ways, it is possible to avoid tragedies.

In addition, car companies that produce SUVs are also reminded to reduce blind spots as much as possible. Although today's automotive radar, reversing image and other electronic technologies are becoming more and more developed, constantly reducing the driver's blind spot, but most radars still have limited ability to identify short and subtle objects. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to explore the "blindness" technology of automobiles. It is worth thinking about whether the advanced technology of driverless cars, such as 360-degree blind spot perception technology, can be applied to SUVs and large trucks.

The size of the blind zone of SUVs and large trucks is not only related to the safety of drivers, but also related to the safety of other people's lives and road traffic safety. Therefore, eliminating blind spots should become the consensus of car companies. It is hoped that the test result of "75 children can be hidden in the SUV blind spot" can become the driving force to promote the further "blindness" of SUV car companies. The larger the blind zone, the greater the danger, and only by continuously reducing the driver's visual blind zone can the safety performance of the vehicle be further improved. (Beijing Youth Daily)