• The titanic blood of Sebastián Castella in the suicide of Morante de la Puebla in Madrid
  • Daniel Ruiz and Juan Pedro Domecq, cattle ranches for the Charity Run
  • Sebastián Castella is reborn transmuted by the Puerta Grande with a huge task

The morning in Madrid has been cleared of black clouds and the sun reigns. In room 118 of the Fraternity Clinic, Sebastián Castella rests among members of his crew, with whom he analyzes the afternoon, each bull. The drainage of the left thigh has stained the white sheets with blood. The 20-centimeter horn (with another trajectory of 15) takes out of the tubes what is left over. Castella smiles despite everything. He is aware that his reappearance had been twisted and that in just two afternoons in Madrid, two afternoons of bullfighting figure, he has turned it around. And how. On his return and to San Isidro: he is the virtual winner in the absence of the Corrida de la Prensa.

"The bull also looked very bad, didn't it?" asks Sebastián Castella to the journalist. "He conveyed his violence," is the reply. Congratulations. "I needed it. The first fairs had not been given, "says the bullfighter who has cut more ears in the Plaza de Las Ventas in the XXI century, the man who already adds six Great Doors, five of them cutting two ears to a bull.

His attorney, Toño Matilla, observes on the mask and under the glasses. The shrewd and mischievous look. José Chacón, the formidable banderillero, praises his matador for the order he maintained in the fight, "the bull wanted to put you inside, he was very stubborn and you did not let him go to bullrings." "If it's not for you...", Sebastian Castella returns the praise. That to dissect the belzebub of El Torero, but without forgetting how really well he went with the patch of José Vázquez to which he cut off the ear. "He killed him very well." And then the name of Uceda Leal comes out for his perfect volapié to the room, and Castella makes luck with his hands. No painkillers or antibiotics since dawn.

The meeting dissolves as a demonstration when Dr. Máximo García Padrós enters to make the cures, the review of the horn. The surgeon scolds for the tumult; He enters with another but of nurses. When he leaves room 118 reports. All good, in order. And slips that they have called him from the company Plaza 1 happens to know if Sebastián Castella would be to bullfight the Charity, which they want to advance to June 17, one day before the date. I look at Matilla, who nods and neither confirms nor denies. On the 18th they bullfight in Istres (France) and the poster of the Charity Run, conceived for the winners of San Isidro is still open and they need to be propped up. Leading the top was Emilio de Justo, it seems that Fernando Adrián also and missing a gap, a strong presence, above all. The bulls will be three of Juan Pedro Domecq and three of Daniel Ruiz, according to EL MUNDO on Friday.

"We will have to wait for what happens tomorrow, I say," says Matilla. Something sounds like a rumor that the date change is because of the actual agenda. It sounds more credible because of the need to get out of the quagmire of the new formula of the specifications and be able to count on Sebastián Castella. There are exactly 14 days left until June 17. We return to say goodbye to the figure, who is from France, it is from America and it is from Spain. He smiles again, grateful. It is covered with the sheet out of modesty. The thigh and a little blood are covered. The rictus is now serious.

You can buy tickets for the San Isidro Fair here.

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