Solène Delinger 13h00, 03 June 2023

It's D-Day for the four finalists of the twelfth season of "The Voice." Tonight, from 21:10 pm, Jérémy Levif, Micha, Arslane and Aurélien will compete one last time to win the coveted trophy of the TF1 singing competition. How did they prepare for this final show? What advice did their coach give them? We attended their rehearsals with Amel Bent and Vianney. A studious moment but also very rich in emotions for the talents, aware that the adventure is now coming to an end...

"I didn't think I'd make it this far"... Micha, 17, still doesn't realize what's happening to him. The finalist of Amel Bent's team took a plane ticket to Paris from his native French Guiana a few months ago to attend The Voice's blind auditions. With his head full of dreams, the teenager had never dared to imagine going so far in the adventure. Micha the carefree just wanted to enjoy the moment and make his parents proud. Mission accomplished: beyond his family, the whole of Guyana is behind him. "But I'm not stressed, I know the lyrics of all my songs, everything is fine," Micha assures us this Thursday afternoon at the Lendit studio in Plaine-Saint-Denis. The youngest of the contest is as smiling and relaxed as last week, during the rehearsals of the semi-final.

Amel Bent has more chances to win the final

And, his good mood is communicative, confirms Arslane, the other talent of Amel Bent's team qualified for the final. "With Micha, I'm not bored. He is funny and he sets the mood, "says the young man laughing. The two singers share the same goal for this final: to win the trophy for their coach Amel. "We owe him that," says Arslane, who is full of praise for the singer, to whom he is very close. During rehearsals, the interpreter of My Philosophy and his talent multiply the hugs and gestures of tenderness.

And we undeniably feel the pride in the eyes of Amel Bent, who saw Arslane transform throughout the adventure. He, the very shy young man who left his native Algeria and left his chemistry studies two years ago to live in Paris, has asserted himself and finally gained confidence in himself. Amel Bent leaves serene for the final, represented by two talents, a real luxury! "She is twice as likely to win," Micha said. Not enough to discourage Aurélien, candidate of Zazie's team, who also wants to fight for his coach.

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Arslane, a big fan of Vitaa

The 34-year-old storekeeper, cured of his laryngitis, had a hard time recovering from the "shock" of the semi-final: the surprise appearance of Florent Pagny at the opening of the show to interpret his hit "Chanter" with the talents. "At that point, there is no 'The Voice'. There's just the kid fan of Florent who hits what is happening, "says Aurélien, whose stunned face at the time of the appearance of Pagny has become a "meme" on social networks. Tonight, Aurélien will sing with another legend of French song: Patrick Bruel. "It's unbelievable," he says, smiling. Arslane will share the stage with his idol Vitaa, who we meet later in the day, in black bra and stilettos, rehearsing his show with his dancers. "I've been listening to it since I was a teenager," Arslane reveals, stars in his eyes.

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Vianney very focused during rehearsals

After their duet with stars, two finalists will qualify for the "super final". They will then be decided at the end of their final individual performance. An event meticulously prepared by Jérémy Levif, supervised by his coach Vianney. While his talent sings in front of him, the interpreter of Pas là, true to himself, plays with the red armchairs, swinging between them, legs raised. If his body moves, his face remains frozen. Vianney is focused on the performance of Jérémy Levif who takes a hit known to all: All by myself, and its unattainable note. "This song is a challenge. It's timeless but you have to make it evolve," he advises his talent, once the rehearsal is over. Vianney takes the time to exchange with him, to settle the last little details so that everything is perfect on Saturday night. "I'm impatient," says Jeremy, beret screwed on his head as usual, sparkling eyes and smile on his lips.

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Aya Nakamura will sing with the talents

The 31-year-old teacher knows that he will have to stand out from the other finalists in the two collegiate finals, shared with Aya Nakamura, then David Guetta. Arslane is thrilled because he is absolutely a fan of Aya Nakamura. During rehearsals, we see him swaying to the hits of the singer Djaja, 40%, or Dégaine. We understand very quickly, watching him, that it will be his moment of "kiff" of the final. Aurélien, the tenor of this season of The Voice, fan of Florent Pagny and Zazie, is (unsurprisingly) much less comfortable in this register.

And yet, he is the most feared (and formidable?) talent of this final. "I've called it the legendary Pokémon from the beginning," Micha jokes, far from imagining that Aurélien, the youngest of the final, imagines him, the youngest of the final, winning the trophy. "The Voice is him. He's the one who's going to win, I tell you," he told us last week, just before the semi-final. So, who says right? And who will be the winner of The Voice 2023? Answer in a few short hours...