(June 9-11, Lipetsk region)

In 2023, the folk festival "Veresk" will be held in a fairy-tale theme. About 30 musical groups will perform on two stages, including "Troll Oppress Spruce", "Chancellor Gi", "Marco Polo", Green Crow, Teufelstanz, "Skolot" and other groups.

Guests will also be immersed in the atmosphere of a fairy tale by the rock opera "The Legend of the Dragon", a fire show, dance numbers in ethno-style, the knightly tournament "Steel Wolf" and many other entertainments for both adults and children.

Among other things, the festival will have venues dedicated to wellness programs. Everyone will be able to learn about the principles of working with the body, master gymnastics with sticks according to the Beloyar system. Classes will be taught by a licensed trainer.

Summer program in Gorky Park

(June 9 – end of summer, Moscow)

"Yandex.Music" in Gorky Park is planning a rich summer music program. On the site "Plus Dacha" the whole season will sound compositions of popular performers.

The event will open on June 9 with a concert by Slava Marlow, during which the artist will perform 14 tracks together with the Opensound Orchestra. Famous songs and tracks from the album "Tuzik" will be performed on the stage. At the performance there will be a sign language interpreter who will help deaf guests understand the text.

In June, visitors to "Plus Dacha" will find an unusual rap play, directed by Yuri Kvyatkovsky. As part of the performance, hip-hop artists of the new school will perform, in particular Soda Luv, Sqwoz Bab, Lizer and Seemee.

July will begin with the Backyard party, which will feature well-known DJs. Muscovites and guests of the capital will be able to listen to music, dance, as well as take part in sports entertainment. In addition, a karaoke evening is expected in the middle of summer with the participation of artists of different genres.

The organizers promise that the summer program will close the performance of one of the brightest performers in Russia - his identity is kept secret.

Guests can also attend educational meetings for aspiring musicians, which will be conducted by members of the BandLink service created to promote the creativity of musicians.


(June 10—11, St. Petersburg)

The Stereoleto festival has been held annually in the Northern capital since 2002 and is considered one of the oldest musical events in the city. In 2023, it will again be held at Sevkabel Port.

Guests will be entertained by about 40 artists on three stages. Among the headliners are Basta, Lev Leshchenko, Vladimir Kuzmin, Tosya Chaykina, Dragni, Dolphin, Alliance and others.

In between performances on the territory of the event, visitors will be able to eat in the food court and purchase products of local brands as a souvenir.

"Wild mint"

(June 16-18, Bunyrevo, Tula Region)

Another major Russian music festival will again be held in the picturesque village of Bunyrevo. As before, guests of the event will be able to settle in their tent or in a ready-made campsite with free water and hot showers. It is also possible to rent a tipi or a house in a local glamping.

This time Leonid Agutin, The Hatters, Neuromonk Theophanes, Lumen, Zatochka, Nike Borzov, Slot, Stigmata, as well as Refining, Alai Oli and Zoloto will sing for visitors this time.

In addition to music, the organizers of the "Wild Mint" have prepared other entertainment and wellness practices - there will be playgrounds for sports, yoga, qigong, dance classes, various lectures and much more. In addition, it will be possible to braid braids, get tattoos and bright makeup.

For children there will be a trampoline park, a tent with free master classes and a kindergarten.

VK Fest

(June 17 - July 16, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Sochi)

In 2023, the organizers will hold VK Fest in five Russian cities - Vladivostok (June 17), Novosibirsk (June 24), St. Petersburg (July 1 and 2), Sochi (July 8) and Moscow (July 15 and 16).

In the capital's Gorky Park, Klava Koka, Anna Asti, Zivert, Yolka and Lyusya Chebotina, as well as hip-hop artists HammAli & Navai, Jony, Mot, LJ and many others will perform for the guests of the event.

In the Northern capital, the festival will be held in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. Music lovers can listen to the compositions of Marie Crymbrery, Husky and Feduk, who will also perform in Novosibirsk. There he will be joined by rappers Basta and OG Buda.

Mary Gu, Dzharakhov and Basta will sing on stage in Vladivostok, and in Sochi guests will be entertained by Klava Koka, Marie Crymbrery, Leonid Agutin and others.

  • © Moscow Jazz Festival

Moscow Jazz Festival

(June 19-25, Moscow


More than a thousand jazz artists from Russia, the USA, Indonesia, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil and Israel will perform at the Moscow Jazz Festival in 2023. The event will take place during the week at five different venues in the capital: in Muzeon Park, the Hermitage Garden, the Concert Hall and Zaryadye Park, at VDNKh and on the square near the Central Department Store.

Igor Butman with the Moscow Jazz Orchestra, Polina Gagarina, Eddie Gomez, Alexey Guskov, Anna Chipovskaya, Keubitbit Band, Sergey Mazaev Variety Orchestra, Varvara Ubel, Larisa Dolina, Valery Syutkin and Light Jazz, Mot and many other artists will delight the audience.

In addition, a series of lectures will be held at VDNH between Pavilion No. 1 and the Fountain of Friendship, at which about 30 experts, in particular artists and cultural figures, musicians and leaders of large Russian companies, will speak.

Also within the framework of the festival from June 16 there will be a club program with concerts of various jazz performers.


(June 23, Yekaterinburg)

The "Night of Music" will be held in Yekaterinburg, during which artists of different genres will perform. This year there will be 100 stages at the venues and clubs of the city.

Visitors will be able to listen to songs by Valery Syutkin, IOWA, Tosi Chaykina, Yulia Chicherina, Vadim Samoilov, as well as the bands "St. John's wort", Wildways, "Affinage", "Stalker", Billy's Band, "Singing Guitars" and other performers.

The final part of the event will traditionally be the action "Light", in which the headliners of the festival sing the famous composition "Ray of the Golden Sun", while guests catch the first glimpses of morning light with the help of pocket mirrors.



(June 25, Moscow)

The music and sports festival is held annually in Luzhniki. A big concert will take place on the stage of the complex - such Russian artists as Jony, 25/17, L'One, Yegor Sesarev, Vlad Sokolovsky, Vladimir Soldatov, Rock Privet and other musicians will perform.

The program will be opened by a children's rock festival, whose musicians are talented beyond their years and have already managed to conquer the audience with their charisma.

There will be about 30 sports grounds on the territory. Those who wish will be able to compete in archery, play hockey or frisbee golf and get advice from sports experts.

The event site will also host various master classes (graffiti, tattoos, ice cream production) and events for children. Guests of Lastochka-Fest will be entertained by life-size puppets, drummers and transformer robots.

  • © Ruslan Akhmerov/DOBROFEST FESTIVAL LLC


(June 29 - July 2, Levtsovo airfield, Yaroslavl)

Since 2010, Dobrofest has been delighting guests with alternative music.

"This is a festival for romantics, friendly companies, proud singles, travelers and just creative personalities tired of gray everyday life. For those who love music and are young at heart," the organizers write on the official website of the event.

This year, the bands "Alice", "Slot", "Goodtimes", "Pilot", Jane Air, "Zatochka", "Komsomolsk", "Cattle", "April 4", "Gavrilov", "5 minutes" and many others will perform on stage.


(July 6-9, Moscow Region)

The festival of electronic music and new urban culture will be held on the banks of the Dubna River. The organizers promise a large-scale and bright techno event with light music prepared by the largest international studios - Sila Sveta and CETAP.

В космические и иллюзорные миры посетителей погрузят такие эксперты электронной музыки, как Atom™, Denis Kaznacheev, Hipushit, Mick Wills, Mizinov Trio, Torn Hawk, «Труд», Gaja, «Залпом», Séxstasy, Poima и многие другие.

Всего будет пять сцен, две из них — под открытым небом, остальные — в восстановленных зданиях у реки. Ещё одно строение комплекса будет оборудовано под крупное арт-пространство.


(13—16 июля, Лагуново, Удмуртия)

Рок-фестиваль «YLETAЙ» проходит в Удмуртии с 2007 года. Этим летом событие развернётся на трёх музыкальных площадках в селе Лагуново.

Для посетителей мероприятия в этом году будут петь группы «Кипелов», Lumen, «Алиса», «КняZz», «Мельница», «Воскресение», «Эпидемия», «Горшенёв», «Крематорий», «Мураками», «Слот», «Чёрный Обелиск», Jane Air и многие другие коллективы.

На территории организован палаточный городок с зоной для костра, водой и санузлом. Также можно поселиться в лагере повышенной комфортности и в гостинице с палатками неподалёку.

«Былинный берег»

(21—23 июля, Тверская область)

Фестиваль «Былинный берег», посвящённый культуре и традициям Древней Руси, объединяет музыкальную и историческую программы. Посетители увидят, как жили люди той эпохи, посетят тематические ярмарки, понаблюдают за сражениями на мечах, поучаствуют в мастер-классах, конкурсе средневековых костюмов и других не менее увлекательных развлечениях.

Со сцены для них будут петь известные артисты: «Северный флот», «Мельница», «Ария», «Нейромонах Феофан» и многие другие.

«Фэнтези Фест»

(28—30 июля, Тверская область)

На месте «Былинного берега» чуть позже пройдёт таинственный и сказочный «Фэнтези Фест».

«Это тематический фестиваль нового поколения, музыкальный карнавал под открытым небом и большая игра, где все сами выбирают кем быть», — пишут организаторы в VK-группе события.

There, guests will be able to forget about reality and transform into their favorite fantastic characters. Entertainment includes role-playing games, tournaments, and a fire show. You can also purchase commemorative accessories at the local fair.

Singing for those present will be "The Troll Oppresses the Spruce", "Epidemic", "Hug the Whale", Alexander Pushnoy, "Tales of the Black City", Ekaterina Yashnikova, Sergey Kalugin and a number of other performers.

Chess & Jazz

(July 29-30, Moscow)

Muscovites and guests of the capital will once again be able to enjoy both good music and intellectual games in the Hermitage Garden.

Jazz compositions on stage will be performed by Anton Belyaev and LAB, Vladimir Presnyakov, Erika Lundmoen, Andro, L'One, Bazaar, Zoloto, Antoha MC, Mirele, Blizkey and other artists. Under pleasant musical motifs, everyone will be able to play chess and learn new moves from world grandmasters.

According to the organizers, Chess & Jazz is a city "that is not on any map, but which appears once a year." The festival was first held in 2018 in the midst of the World Cup in Russia.


(August 4-6, Mityaevo, Kaluga region)

The last time the rock festival "Invasion" was held in 2019, after which it was canceled for three years in a row for various reasons. In 2023, he will gather fans again.

The main performers of the musical event will be "Aria", "Alice", The Hatters, Lumen, "Northern Fleet", "Refining", 25/17, "Epidemic", Alexander F. Sklyar and the group "Va-Bank", "Murakami", Vyacheslav Butusov and "Order of Glory", as well as "Beetles", Uma2rman and many other artists.

According to the organizers, tickets purchased for canceled festivals from November 11, 2019 to June 30, 2021 will be valid for admission to the event this summer. To use them, you must reissue the ticket in advance in your personal account on the official website of the Invasion.

  • © SKT Company Ltd.

"Fort Novoroc"

(August 10-13, Krasnodar)

"Fort Novorok" in 2023 will be held on the Kuban River in the Krasnodar Territory instead of the festival "Taman - Freedom Peninsula". The event will unfold on three stages. Famous artists will perform on the main page, including "Kipelov", "Aria", "Slot", Radio Tapok, "Ermak!", Jane Air and others.

"There are no astronauts", Neverlove, Helvegen, "Videotape of your parents", "No offense", "Youth inside", "Picchi!", Lila and other young performers will appear on the stage of "Youth". There will also be a stage called "Arena".

Guests of the event will be able to stay in a tent camp.

"Wind of Siberia"

(August 11-13, Mochische airfield, Novosibirsk)

"Wind of Siberia" is the first international rock festival in the region. It was supposed to take place back in 2022, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed to 2023.

More than 30 musical groups from Russia and Kazakhstan will sing on two stages of the three-day event. Among the participants will be both young performers - "Expedition Sunrise", "Three Days of Rain", Pandora Secret, and famous artists - Nike Borzov, Vladimir Kuzmin, "Epidemic", "Aria".

In the fresh air, a food court, active entertainment, a nightclub and even a registry office will be organized for those who want to legalize the relationship right at the festival.


(August 17-20, Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, Kaluga Region)

Signal is not only Russia's leading festival of contemporary electronic music, but also a space for freedom, creativity and self-realization. The theme of the event in 2023 is Sentient Matter.

"The concept of mutual support and the process of co-creation of the utopian world of music, architecture and art has become the main theme of this year and a powerful motivating force," explain the organizers in the festival's VK group.

The musical program will unfold on seven stages. Among the performing artists will be Roma Ptashenko, Rian Wood, Kosaya Gora, "Bruno's 4 Positions", Varya Karpova, Yung Acid, Piticu and others.


(August 18—20, Voronezh)

In the open air, songs by famous artists will be performed from two stages of the Chernozem festival. Traditionally, most of the musical program is given to rock performers, including "Melnitsa", "Aria", "Crematorium", Garik Sukachev, Nike Borzov, "Kipelov". Compositions performed by "Neuromonk Theophanes", "Agatha Christie", "My Michelle" and others will delight the guests.

As in previous years, there will be a tent camp and a food area on the territory. Entertainment events and sports grounds will also be organized for visitors.

"Jazz Seasons"

(August 19-20, Gorki Leninskiye Museum-Reserve, Moscow Region)

Another summer event for jazz lovers is the IX International Festival "Jazz Seasons". For two days, visitors will enjoy compositions performed by the best foreign and Russian musicians in this genre.

According to the artistic director of the festival, People's Artist of Russia Igor Butman, "Jazz Seasons" is an event where you can get aesthetic pleasure from music and nature around.

There is no information about the participants of the festival yet. It is only known that Igor Butman and the Moscow Jazz Orchestra will perform on stage.

Guests wishing to learn how to play musical instruments are invited to attend a master class as part of the event. There will also be painting, pottery and blacksmithing lessons.