• Basque Country A woman who traveled to the Central African Republic, admitted to the Donostia Hospital for a possible Ebola infection

Microbiological analyses rule out that the woman admitted this Thursday at the Donostia Hospital in San Sebastian has Ebola.

The tests carried out by the National Center for Microbiology, under the Carlos III Health Institute, rule out the possibility that the patient had contracted Ebola.

He has also been tested for dengue, Lassa fever, Crimea Congo, yellow fever and other diarrhoeal fevers.

Finally the patient has tested positive for malaria, so she will now begin treatment.

The Basque Department of Health, Osakidetza, activated yesterday the protocol established to care for those infected by Ebola after the admission this Thursday of a woman at the Donostia Hospital with symptoms compatible with this disease. The patient had recently returned from a trip to the Central African Republic.

As foreseen in the protocols, the special resources of "high security and isolation" were activated in case of "the suspicion of a case of hemorrhagic fever" and samples were sent for analysis at the National Center for Microbiology.

The deputy medical director of the OSI Donostialdea de Osakidetza, Xabier Zubeldia, already told the media yesterday that it was "very unlikely" that the patient suffered an infection by Ebola virus or another infectious disease. However, there was no absolute certainty until obtaining confirmation, this Friday, from the National Center for Microbiology.

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