"We're going to cut up your pussy", "Show me your tits" and "Cock sucker lips". These are some examples of comments and threats that the female Twitch profiles in the documentary experience regularly. Several of them have been subjected to serious threats, and anonymous people have sent false messages to their parents that they have been found dead.

– What we have been able to see is that there are sexual threats and death threats on the platform Twitch, says Helen Ablatova, editor of SVT Edit.

"The company has very long Community Standards about what users can and can't do, but our contributors go through these types of comments almost every day.

Don't get any answers

The SVT program Edit has sought Twitch since February this year for an interview about the existence of serious threats and sexual harassment on the platform, but the company has not agreed to an interview.

"The biggest issue is that they have very clear rules. Why is it that these are not being followed? The problem lies in the fact that the consequences are zero, says Helen Ablatova.

Have your interviewees reported the harassment to Twitch?

"Twitch has several security tools: You can suspend users and submit reports and photos of the incident. The girls have used all the tools that Twitch offers.

What effect has it had?

–Nobody. The women on Twitch have no one but themselves or their community to help them remove comments and threats.

Culture News has reached out to Twitch for comment.