Beijing, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- "Your childhood, my childhood seems to be really different. A netizen left a message after watching a short video of kindergarten children's skills display.

The video was posted by Wang Yanqing, the director of Shandong Zhucheng Qinglan Windmill Kindergarten, and the number of account followers has reached 17,5. Before this year's "June <>st" Children's Day, Wang Yanqing released a short video with the theme of "How is the hottest kindergarten on the whole network on June Day", and some netizens expressed "envy" below, even their hometown can have such a kindergarten.

The popularity of Zhucheng Blue Windmill Kindergarten is related to its teaching content. From the past short videos, we can see that the children in it can weave, sew and cook... Therefore, it is also called "Early Childhood Vocational and Technical School" by netizens.

Children's Day celebration performance in kindergarten Photo courtesy of interviewee

Kindergarten life skills teaching is popular Netizens: employment after graduation

According to public information, Zhucheng Qinglan Kindergarten is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province and was founded in March 2003.

"You may have given us a name called Early Childhood Vocational and Technical College, and I feel that the child's hands-on ability is particularly strong." Wang Yanqing told that the skills shown in the short video are actually the activities of the kindergarten's daily one-hour area independent play.

She said that at first, a teacher in the large class taught the children to make maza, which was very popular with the children, so she considered combining it with regional activities and gradually expanding the category and promoting it throughout the park.

It is understood that there are currently at least five play areas in each class, including sewing, knitting, cooking, construction, life skills and more. Preschool teachers can also make their own arrangements, most of which are "post-90s" and "post-00s". The equipment and materials used are mostly provided by the school.

Initially, teachers will teach in groups, and when the children have mastered the skills, the children will move on their own, providing guidance and keeping the children safe. "Some children learn to embroider their names in a day or two." Wang Yanqing said that after these activities, many children have become more confident.

The short video of young children shared by Wang Yanqing attracted many netizens to like. "Graduation is employment", "Immortal kindergarten", "Children in this kindergarten will definitely not have time to quarrel" ... Some netizens left messages in the comment area.

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Correcting the "Primary" Kindergarten Education Parents: Childhood experience is more important

Zhucheng Qinglan Kindergarten has been recognized by netizens, which is actually related to everyone's hidden worries about the phenomenon of "rolling talent" in kindergartens in recent years. Especially in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, many kindergartens emphasize the characteristics of talent courses such as drama, musical instruments, ball games, and Go. Some netizens once shared the resumes prepared by kindergarten children to enter primary school, and the experience of various piano, dance and other competitions on it is rich. However, the high price and effort behind these courses also puts in the pressure for many parents.

According to Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences, the teaching activities of kindergartens are different from the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. "The knowledge learning procedure prepared according to a certain norm is called a curriculum, and kindergarten children cannot enter this system too early." He said that for a long time in the past, kindergarten education has been "primary school", teaching primary school content in advance, strengthening knowledge and skill training, etc.

In July 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on Carrying out the Special Governance Work of "Primary Schooling" in Kindergartens, requiring local education departments to spend about one year according to the four stages of comprehensive deployment, self-inspection and inspection, comprehensive rectification and reform, and special supervision, to complete the special governance work with the main content of strictly prohibiting teaching primary school curriculum content, correcting the "primary school" education method, rectifying the "primary school" education environment, solving the unqualified teachers' qualifications and abilities, and insisting on zero-starting teaching in primary schools.

Chu Zhaohui introduced that the skill teaching of kindergarten is actually a unit activity, that is, the game operation divided into various units. As early as 2016, the Ministry of Education issued the "Kindergarten Work Regulations", which stipulated that kindergarten education should take play as the basic activity and integrate education into various activities; Play should be seen as an important form of education for the holistic development of young children.

Some parents of young children said in an interview with that appropriate play activities can stimulate children's interest, exercise children's hands-on ability and concentration, and at the same time let children experience more work in all walks of life, which can enhance their sense of responsibility.

"It is not necessary to really train for some achievements, it is more important to let the child have a rich childhood." One parent said to be wary that such fun lessons would create another kind of competition and competition, which ended up being a manual assignment left to parents.

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Experts: Kindergarten teaching needs to follow childhood, encourage children to play independently

In May this year, Yu Dongqing, a professor at the Faculty of Education of Northeast Normal University, published an article entitled "Curriculum Design for Kindergartens Following Children's Nature" in the China Education Journal. Yu Dongqing pointed out in the article that the kindergarten curriculum should be able to confirm children's subjective identity, stimulate children's interest and motivation, and enable children to actively participate in activities and gain their own unique experiences from activities.

The article explains that confirming the identity of the subject is essentially creating a situation. In children's daily life, various meals, games and other links are the reflection of children's real life, and the life process in which children are fully engaged, and these on-site situations are the process in which teachers should adapt to and promote children's development.

Chu Zhaohui believes that kindergartens should be encouraged to develop self-directed play to enable children to master life skills, but the design needs to consider the difficulty, and the role of teachers is crucial. "In the process of guiding children's independent play, we must not only give full play to children's freedom and autonomy, but also let children develop a sense of rules in autonomy, and have the ability to establish rules and abide by rules."

He said that children find problems during play and find ways to play with problems, which can not only make them have more fun, but also cultivate their ability to solve problems independently. (End)