June 4 marks one week since the murder of a woman and four police officers in Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture. The police believe that the suspect initiated the incident believing that he was being badly spoken of, and will also investigate the motive and mental state at the time of the incident.

On May 5, Yukie Murakami (25) and Yasuko Takeuchi (66), who live nearby in Ebe, Nakano City, were stabbed with knives, and Lt. Yoshiki Tamai (70) of the Nakano Police Station and Sergeant Takuo Ikeuchi (46), who rushed to the station after receiving a report, were shot and killed with hunting rifles.

On June 61, one week after the incident, people were seen mourning the victims by laying flowers and putting their hands together.

A man who lives in the neighborhood said, "I can't sleep because of the shock of the incident, and I put my hands together because I don't want this to happen again."

In this case, the police arrested Masanori Aoki (1) on suspicion of murder against Sergeant Ikeuchi, and will also investigate the suspicion of killing three others.

According to those involved in the investigation, the suspect stated that he was alone and making fun of the two women as the reason for attacking them, and the police believed that they were being bad-mouthed and that they were unilaterally growing a grudge.

In addition, the explanation of the two police officers was to the effect that there was no plan, such as "I killed them because I thought they would be shot."

Since the suspect has changed some explanations, such as statements about the murder weapon, the police will also investigate the motive and mental state at the time of the incident.

※Yasu wa Yasu no Moon is a yen

The suspect's statement about the motive was...

[Motive for attacking two women]
According to investigators, suspect Masanori Aoki, 2, who was arrested on suspicion of murder, said that his motive for attacking the two women was "I thought I was making fun of myself while I was walking."

In addition, as for when he thought of starting the incident, he said, "I had been thinking about attacking him for a long time, and on the day of the incident, it sounded like he was told that I was alone, and I exploded with resentment."

The suspect has expressed his anger before by complaining that he was "alone" and ridiculed by another person.

Police believe that the two female victims, who were walking around chatting, were being badly spoken of, and are investigating that they attacked them unilaterally with a grudge.

[Motive for attacking two police officers] On the other hand, as for the reason why he attacked two police officers
, he said, "I thought I would be shot, so I also killed the police officer who rushed to me."

Circumstances of the known incident (June 6)

This is the history of the incident that we know so far from interviews with the police and witnesses.

【Incident 1 report】
At around 4:26 p.m. on May 25, a 110 call was received in Ebe, Nakano City, saying that a man had stabbed a woman.

At the
time, a man who was nearby witnessed the incident.
A man was working in a field when a woman ran to him, saying, "Uncle, help me."
One of the victims was Yukie Murakami, 66.
From behind Murakami, suspect Masanori Aoki (31) in camouflage chased him.
He held a survival knife tens of centimeters long in his hand, and when he caught up with him, he stabbed him in the back and stabbed him in the chest from above where he fell on his back.
He recalled the suspect's appearance at the time, saying, "His expression was calm, he did not seem to hesitate at all, and his eyes looked as if he was aiming for prey."
When the man said to the suspect, "Why are you doing this?" he said, "I killed him because I wanted to kill him," and walked away from the scene.
Murakami is believed to have been attacked while taking a walk with Yasuko Takeuchi, 70, at the time, and Takeuchi is also believed to have been stabbed near the suspect's home.

After stabbing Mr. Murakami,
the suspect returned to his home.
After receiving the report, a police car carrying Lt. Yoshiki Tamai (46) and Sergeant Takuo Ikeuchi (61) of the Nakano Police Station rushed to the scene where Mr. Murakami was stabbed.
Then the suspect appeared again. At this time, it is believed that the suspect pushed something like a dolly and tried to hide Mr. Murakami by carrying him to the premises of his home.
However, when a police officer came, the suspect approached the police car with a hunting rifle in hand.
A man who was providing life-saving treatment for Mr. Murakami witnessed the situation.
The suspect put his gun to the window glass of a police car with two police officers, and the gunshots rang out twice.
The man said, "Suddenly, he pointed his gun at the driver's side of the police car, smiling and looking happy. After that, I heard two shots."
The suspect then headed in the direction of the north.

suspect headed to his home, more than 100 meters north of the scene of Murakami's attack.
When the suspect enters the home, he begins to stand up.
In addition to the suspect, there was also a mother and aunt at home.
The mother tried to persuade them at home and the father by phone.
According to those involved in the investigation, he explained to the parents who persuaded him, "When the two women were walking while talking, I thought they were making fun of themselves as 'alone.'"
And when his mother urged him to appear, he refused, saying, "I don't want to be hanged because it would kill me all at once."
About three hours later, around 8 p.m., two gunshots were heard from the house.
According to investigators, he appears to have tried to shoot himself twice.
At about half past eight, his mother, who was at home, said, "I'll shoot you," and took the hunting gun.
As it was, the mother fled the house with a hunting gun.
In addition, at about 0:10 the next day, my aunt escaped and was protected.

that, the police and parents persuaded the suspect who continued to stay alone.
Then, half a day after the incident, just after 4:30 a.m., the suspect responded and came outside.
When they came outside, they were seen putting their hands on their heads, and they were taken into custody after confirming that they did not have any weapons or other weapons.

Possession of shotguns, etc. Background of permission

According to the police, the suspect was authorized to possess four hunting rifles, including shotguns.

The time when the permit was received is ▽ 4 shotgun in January 27,
▽ 1 shotguns and air guns in October 1,

29 hunting guns in February 10 It is said that he obtained permission from the Nagano Prefectural Public Safety Commission to possess 2 hunting gun.

In addition, when the possession permit was renewed three years ago in Reiwa 31, the police interviewed the suspect's mother and said "yes" to the suspect's possession of a hunting gun.

The procedure for obtaining a permit for possession of a hunting gun is

In Japan, hunting guns can be possessed with the permission of the prefectural public safety commission only when used for hunting, extermination of harmful birds and beasts, and sports competitions such as clay shooting based on the "Firearms and Swords Law".

On the other hand, if you are schizophrenic, alcoholic, or otherwise have "disqualification grounds" such as harming public safety or threatening suicide, you will not be allowed to carry a gun and you will not be able to renew it.

According to the Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters, in order to obtain permission to own a hunting gun, you need to apply to the local police station and receive training on how to handle a gun.

They then submit an application to the Public Safety Commission for shooting practice, along with a doctor's certificate showing that they have no mental illness, alcoholism, or problems with their ability to determine whether their behavior is appropriate.

Once this application is submitted, a police officer will interview your family and neighbors, and if there are no problems, you will be able to receive training at the shooting range.

After this exercise, if you apply for a "possession permit", a police officer will investigate whether there is a dedicated storage room for guns and other items, and if there are no problems, you will be allowed to possess a gun.

After that, you will need to renew your permit every third birthday, and each time you will need to take a training at a police station and have your gun inspected every year.

In addition, once a person is allowed to possess a hunting gun, if a neighbor consults with him, the police will investigate again, and if a problem is confirmed, the permit may be revoked.

Doctor: "Accurate diagnosis in a limited time feels difficult"

A doctor's certificate, which is required to obtain permission to possess a hunting gun.

Doctors in Nagano Prefecture who have made diagnoses have told us that they find it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis in a limited amount of time.

In order to obtain permission to possess a hunting gun in Japan, it is necessary to submit a medical certificate prepared by a specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychosomatic medicine or a family doctor.

According to the Nagano Prefectural Police, this medical certificate must show that there is no mental illness, epilepsy, alcoholism, etc.,
and that there are no problems with the ability to judge whether one's behavior is appropriate or not.

When NHK interviewed hospitals with psychiatric departments in Nagano Prefecture, doctors who had prepared such medical certificates in the past said that they felt that it was difficult to make an accurate diagnosis in the limited consultation time.

One psychiatric doctor said, "The applicant is asking for permission to carry a hunting gun, so he basically declares that he is healthy. Under these circumstances, I feel that it is difficult for even experienced psychiatrists to make an accurate diagnosis."

Another psychiatrist said, "Different hospitals have different diagnostic methods and rely on experience, but it is especially difficult to diagnose first-time visitors. I was talking.

He added, "In response to the recent incident in Nakano City, we are thinking of introducing psychological tests in the future, but I feel that it is not sufficient to do so."

President of the Hunters' Association: "Possession of hunting guns It is not easy to get a permit"

Regarding the procedures for owning hunting guns, Yoshio Takebushi, chairman of the Hokushin Hunters' Association in the Hokushin area of Nagano Prefecture, said, "In order to obtain permission to possess hunting guns, you need to submit many documents. Also, when I get a doctor's certificate, I am asked about my mental state as well as my usual living situation, and I don't think it is easy to get permission."

On top of that, regarding the doctor's medical certificate, he said, "Even if there is no problem at the time of application, it is possible that the health condition will deteriorate until the renewal of the permit, so I don't know if it can be said that there is no problem because there is a medical certificate."

Firearms Critic: "Strengthen Surveillance and Review Storage Methods"

Regarding the doctor's medical certificate required for permission to possess hunting guns, Tetsuya Tsuda, a firearms critic who is familiar with the handling and regulation of firearms, said, "It is considered difficult to diagnose even a good doctor in a short period of time, and it may be difficult to judge aptitude based on a doctor's medical certificate alone."

In addition, as one of the countermeasures, he pointed out, "If there is a person in the neighborhood who owns a hunting gun and you see problematic behavior or make the people around you feel anxious, it is important to consult with the police and have them strengthen surveillance."

As yet another measure, he cited a review of the storage method of hunting guns.

Regarding this point, Mr. Tsuda said, "If hunting guns are outsourced to a gun store instead of at home, and a contractor takes them out only when necessary, it may be possible to prevent sudden incidents. He said.