• TV The memes are baited with Ana Obregón after the announcement of the Baby mask in Mask Singer

Ana Obregón is a box of moments. It is indisputable. Yesterday morning, protagonist of the cuore with his return to Spain with his daughter-granddaughter. And at night, in Mask Singer, giving away the moment that is already part of the history of the program: Anita's reunion with Bo Derek. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bo Derek, Woman 10, Mask Singer's Mermaid.

Every mask that has been discovered in Mask Singer 4 has some relation to Ana Obregón. Feliciano López, his "Feli", Valeria Mazza, and... Bo Derek. Ana Obregón's agenda should be like the Larousse Encyclopedia. He has friends even under the stones. In fact, his bets are always some acquaintance of his, some friend, some voice that sounds to him.

He doesn't get one right. Well, yes, let's be fair, last night Naty Abascal was right, who was under the mask of Banderilla, but the rest of the programs not one. He makes his speculations without rhyme or reason. She is Ana Obregón and that is why she is there, because she knows what the show, the spectacle, the television is. What he likes to shed a few tears, what he likes an 'I love you', what he likes an 'Oh, my God!'.

Without it, Mask Singer would lose that sauce that in each program makes the networks without flooding. But last night... Last night was a real trance, a spectacle, an apotheosic Ana Obregón. "Do you remember gazpacho?". Let's see who gets through this.

Ana Obregón was reunited with Bo Derek. And many will say and what does Ana Obregón have to do with Bo Derek. Well, Ana Obregón has more contacts than Villarejo. When Sirena took off her mask and under it appeared the woman 10, Ana Obregón put on her costume of madame of the show and stole all the protagonist from the former model and actress.

"Oh, my God!" he repeated over and over again. "I love you," he shouted from the judges' stands. And he cried, it made him cry a lot, he made him can't control his emotion. "Can I go down?" he asked Arturo Valls at the time. Nor did he wait for the answer. Anita is very much Anita. She grabbed her dress and there she went, for Bo Derek, for her moment of glory. Because there is no night of Mask Singer 4 that Ana Obregón does not have her moment of glory.

There he stood, on stage, with his 'I love you so much', his tears, his hugs, and his emotion. "I'm very excited," she told an Arturo Valls who was freaking out about pickles. "Now, I know," replied the presenter that no matter how much Arturo Valls had to be thinking 'hey, Anita, the mask is Bo Derek'. But, what would this be our television without the moments of Ana Obregón.

What Bolero united and the Atlantic separated, Mask Singer has brought it back together. According to Ana Obregón and Bo Derek, when Anita made her first film, Bolero, it was John, Bo's husband, and Bo herself who gave Ana Obregón the opportunity. And not only the opportunity, they welcomed her into their home. "We had breakfast every day at his ranch with the horses." Only Ana Obregón has been able to do this. He made a paella for Steven Spielberg and lived and had breakfast among horses with Bo Derek. Yes, Oh, my God!

Twenty years had not seen each other, but it was as if no time had passed. How great they both are! What a wonder of women! "Ana was going to play a tiny role, but we loved it and gave her the co-star," Bo Derek said, as Ana wiped her tears with her hand and hugged the former model as if there was no tomorrow.

On the bench of judges Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi could not even blink. Ana Obregón and Bo Derek together, on one stage, one disguises herself as Sirena and the other, the other being Ana Obregón. Point.

"Will we be able to overcome this?" said Arturo Valls. I doubt it. Very high has to fly Mask Singer 4 from now on to win at the moment Ana Obregón with Bo Derek. Wait, Ana Obregón is very grabbed by the cubata. There was Naty Abascal, of course, another great friend, "friends forever" of Ana Obregón.

Banderilla was the second mask of the night who had to reveal her identity in Mask Singer 4. "One of the things I like the most is to get under the olive tree when it's hot. I always keep in mind my most beloved flags. I would say that I am a banderilla that dies of love", were the clues she left before the public decided that she was the one who took off the mask.

Calvo opted for Lucía Dominguín Bosé, Ambrossi opted for Sara Fergusson, Obregón reaffirmed himself in Naty Abascal and Mónica Naranjo maintained that it was Vicky Martín Berrocal. Ana Obregón who until that moment had not hit any mask in any of the programs was the only one right: under Banderilla was, again, a great friend of hers, the former model Naty Abascal. And again in a trance.

And the final chilli was missing, the flag of Ana Obregón: "I wanted to tell you something that people do not know, I met Alessandro thanks to you. So I have the wonderful child I've had because of you." Neither Naty Abascal nor Bo Derek, the protagonist is Ana Obregón.

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