Chengdu, June 6 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the office of the Sichuan Provincial Flood Prevention and Drought Control Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the "Sichuan Provincial Prevention Office") on June 1 that the province actively responded to the first blue warning of heavy rain and flash flood disasters after the flood, evacuated 6,1 people in advance, and no one died or disappeared due to the disaster.

At 5:31 on May 16, the Sichuan Meteorological Observatory issued the first blue warning for heavy rain since the flood season in 2023. From 5 o'clock on May 31 to 7 o'clock on June 6, moderate to heavy rain in parts of the northeast, southwest, south and northern Sichuan Plateau in the basin, and locally heavy rain to heavy rainfall.

In order to actively respond to the current round of heavy rainfall, the Sichuan Provincial Defense Office organized the prevention offices of 7 cities and 56 counties (cities and districts) in the rain area to carry out special video scheduling, emphasizing specific work measures; Risk reminders are issued to the municipal (prefecture) defense offices, relevant member units of the provincial defense department and provincial rescue teams, and early warning reminders are pushed to the public through the Sichuan emergency "two micro and one network". At the same time, strengthen on-duty duty, closely monitor rainwater conditions, carry out rolling scheduling in rainfall areas, randomly check and dispatch the on-duty duty of 20 county (city, district) defense offices and 22 townships (towns, streets), require timely transmission of early warning information, implement response measures, decisively start response according to the plan, and promote the detailed implementation of various prevention and responses; Spot checks remind 11 construction site camps, requiring close attention to weather changes, strengthening inspections, and evacuating personnel from dangerous areas in advance; Supervise and guide the evacuation of underground personnel from coal mines in Luzhou, Yibin, Bazhong, Dazhou, Guang'an City and other places, and verify and confirm the suspension and withdrawal of personnel in two coal mines.

It is understood that 6 cities and 55 counties (cities and districts) in Sichuan have issued rainstorm warnings (signals) in this round of heavy rain, and 10 counties (cities and districts) have launched flood control emergency responses. The main leaders of the Neijiang, Luzhou, Nanchong, and Dazhou municipal party committees and governments respectively issued instructions to arrange the deployment of heavy rainfall prevention and response work, and Bazhong and Yibin cities dispatched 5 rescue teams with 38 people and 15 sets of rescue equipment to carry out rescue and disaster relief tasks. Each city (prefecture) dispatched 86 working groups with more than 300 people, dispatched 79 counties (cities and districts), 584 rescue teams, and 1170,26 townships and towns, and conducted telephone spot checks and reminders on the performance of duties by 347 county-level governments, 1300 departments, more than 2900,<> flood prevention responsible persons, and more than <>,<> disaster information officers in rainfall areas, and urged the implementation of flood prevention and disaster reduction work. (End)