Beijing, 6 Jun (Zhongxin Net) -- It is another year of "1 June" Children's Day. Childhood is a beautiful stage in life, time paints a picture, recording everyone's childhood memories: there may be clear streams, cute playmates, full of joy; There are also spacious and bright classrooms, as well as the sound of reading aloud.

Infographic: Students performing the classic recitation of "Disciple Rule". Photo by Chen Chao

Knowledge depends on a little learning and accumulation, and good books are people's lifelong friends. Reading makes people think diligently, and it also makes children's minds more flexible and rich.

On the occasion of Children's Day, the reporter interviewed five well-known writers, Ge Bing, Chang Xingang, Tang Sulan, Xiao Fuxing, and Li Donghua, to share their reading experiences, encourage young readers to read more good books, and send sincere blessings.

Seize your childhood and pave a wide avenue for life

"If you don't accumulate steps, you can't go thousands of miles, and if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become rivers and seas." This is a famous sentence in Xunzi's "Exhortation to Learn".

With the positive meaning of this sentence, Ge Bing hopes that children and friends will seize the time of childhood, be down-to-earth, study hard, learn knowledge, and pave a spacious road for their brilliant life.

Writer Ge Bing. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Ge Bing is a well-known children's literature writer, whose representative works include "Blue Mouse Big Face Cat", "Little Confused God" and "Chinese Historical Legends" series. The blue-skinned mouse and the big-faced cat are classic cartoon characters in the hearts of children.

He attaches great importance to the influence of knowledge on people, "Knowledge depends on a little learning and accumulation, and mastering knowledge can make people more noble and wise." ”

Light a seed of love in your heart

"Gotta, love something. It makes us tough, tolerant, full. Chang Xingang liked Wang Zengqi's words.

"In life, people must learn to love, and they must have something to love. This love and what we love will make us resilient and tolerant, and will make our lives not shriveled and boring but rich. He said.

Writer Chang Xingang. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Chang Xingang pays attention to the growth of children in his creations, and is the author of works such as "Cold Wind and Warm Dove" and "Nick Represents Me", he hopes that in the process of growing up, children will leave a small space in their hearts and light a seed of love.

"Let love grow in your heart, slowly learn to love, have love." In this way, if we experience setbacks, there is also the power of love, something to support us to set off again. ”

Love reading and be friends with books

"Books are the ladder of human progress."

Tang Sulan understood Gorky's famous saying, "Human development and progress are inseparable from knowledge, and the important source of knowledge is books, so books build an infinite ladder for human progress."

If a person wants to progress, he also needs to make friends with books. Tang Sulan is a famous writer and author of works such as "Towards Green Heart", "Red Shoes", "The Story of the Stupid Wolf" and so on. She said she grew up in the countryside and knew that books were the best universities in the world.

Writer Tang Sulan. Photo courtesy of interviewee

"Children must learn to learn and develop the habit of lifelong learning. Because life is a marathon, continuous learning and continuous improvement are the most important. Tang Sulan said.

Therefore, she hopes that children can fall in love with reading, be friends with books, talk to masters, read classics together, and make reading a habit of our lives.

Books are lifelong friends

"A childlike heart has a love of books, and his fingers are still pen marks."

"This is a poem by the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi, which says that he loved reading since he was a child, and insisted on reading, writing, and taking notes all his life." Xiao Fuxing gave this poem to the children, "I hope you love reading, and I hope books are your lifelong friends!" ”

Writer Xiao Fuxing. Photo courtesy of the publisher

Xiao Fuxing is the author of a series of works such as "Blues City South" and "The Brothers". He once said that love plays a huge role in the growth of children. The education of love, whether for children or teachers, is a lesson.

In his opinion, children and parents need to understand each other, and when children are young, being willing to spend time and energy, and sincerely communicate with children is the happiest thing for parents. In a way, it is the child who grows up with us.

Read glowing books and be glowing people

"Where is the joy of reading, count the heart of the plum blossom world."

Writer Li Donghua. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Li Donghua likes this poem in Weng Sen's "Four Times of Reading Music", "The fun of reading in winter is like looking up at a few red plums blooming in the branches in the snow, and experiencing the essence of heaven and earth to nurture all things in an instant." ”

In her opinion, the clear and wonderful state of mind that can only be understood ineffably can only be compared with reading her favorite book and reading a sentence that makes her eyes light up, and the feeling of instant joy and blessing to the heart.

Li Donghua shared some works he often reads, such as the fairy tale "Charlotte's Web" and the novel "Teacher, the water tank is broken!" and so on. She expects young readers to love reading, "read glowing books and be luminous people." (End)