, May 5 -- On the evening of May 31, the newly compiled historical Chao drama "Embroidered Tiger" was staged at the Meilanfang Grand Theater in Beijing, kicking off the national tour of "Yan Yu • Chao Yun" Lin Yan Yun Chao Opera. The performers touched the hearts of the Chao villagers in Beijing and the audience in the capital with their heart-wrenching performances, showing the essence and artistic charm of this ancient genre of Teochew Opera.

The premiere of the national tour Beijing Station was sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province, the Publicity Department of the Shantou Municipal Party Committee, and the Shantou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, organized by the Beijing Chao Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong Chao Theater, led by Lin Yanyun, a deputy to the National People's Congress and winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award.

Live performance. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Chao opera boutiques spread the good voice of Shantou

The premiere of the Beijing station "Embroidered Tiger" is based on the famous book "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", telling the story of the two brothers Cao Zhi and Cao Pi in the intertwined conflict of political power and brotherhood during the Three Kingdoms period, reproducing Cao Zhi's seven-step poem, showing the waves of history and poetic light in the ups and downs of the characters' fates. In 2021, the play won the first place in the <>th Tian Han Drama Awards Repertory Award, achieving a breakthrough of zero in the award for Teochew opera plays.

Teochew opera is well-known at home and abroad for its beautiful singing music and unique performance forms, and has become a "unique landscape" in the Chinese theater industry. As an important carrier of Chaoshan culture, Chaoshan opera is also an important bridge and link connecting Chaoshan people around the world. Following the first stop in Beijing, Lin Yanyun will tour Qingdao, Harbin, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Huizhou and other cities with the award-winning Teochew opera "Li Shangyin" and "Embroidered Tiger", strengthen cultural exchanges between Shantou and other places with the help of Teochew opera tours, and tell Chinese stories, Guangdong stories and Shantou stories with the help of Teochew opera and other cultural carriers.

Use drama as a bridge to write good articles on "overseas Chinese" in the new era

Chaoshan opera not only has a deep mass base in the Chaoshan area, but also spreads to Thailand, Singapore and other overseas Chinese settlements in Thailand, Singapore and even countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. Leading the way with Teochew opera, Shantou is committed to writing good articles on "overseas Chinese" in the new era.

Shantou has increased its efforts to carry out foreign exchange performances of Teochew opera, relying on foreign art clubs to promote Teochew opera culture, and set up overseas Teochew opera inheritance centers in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, relying on the "cloud platform" to broaden communication channels and continuously expand the popularity and influence of Teochew opera culture overseas.

Live performance. Photo courtesy of the organizer

It is reported that Shantou also plans to cooperate in Australia, Zhuhai, Huizhou and other places to set up the Guangdong Chao Opera Teochew Opera Heritage Center, carry out Teochew opera exchange performances in many places, and gradually expand the overseas circle of friends of Teochew Opera.

At the same time, Shantou will also focus on building the international "Teochew Opera Festival" brand, and take this as an opportunity to polish and inherit and improve a number of high-quality products closely related to "finding Chinese roots, forging the soul of the nation, and fulfilling the dream of the family and the country"; Actively explore the formation of an international Teochew Opera Alliance, use Teochew opera to unite overseas Chinese and gather overseas Chinese, stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of overseas Chinese compatriots and love their hometown, unite and unite overseas Chinese to play a greater role in supporting and participating in the high-quality development of Shantou and even the modernization of the motherland. (End)