Solène Delinger 18:39 p.m., May 31, 2023, modified at 18:42 p.m., May 31, 2023

The grand finale of "The Voice", broadcast Saturday, June 3 on TF1, promises to be grandiose. The production of the tele-hook hit very hard by inviting big stars to sing with the four finalists, Micha, Aurélien, Jérémy Levif and Arslane. Patrick Bruel, David Guetta, Aya Nakamura and other big names in French song will be there.

After several weeks of competition, the outcome of the twelfth season of The Voice is fast approaching. Which of Micha, Aurélien, Jérémy Levif or Arslane will be the big winner of the TF1 singing competition? The four singers will face each other one last time on Saturday, June 3, during the grand final.

Two collegiate songs for the final

An evening that promises to be rich in emotions and guests! As every year, the finalists of The Voice will have the chance to sing a duet with stars of French song. For this twelfth edition, TF1 has hit hard since the candidates will share the stage with Patrick Bruel, Aya Nakamura, David Guetta, but also Christophe Maé, Pierre de Maere, Vitaa and Nour, the winner of the previous season of The Voice.

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The Voice's production has scheduled two collegiate songs for the final: one with Aya Nakamura and one with David Guetta. Micha, Aurélien, Jérémy Levif and Arslane will have to win against these two huge stars while enjoying the moment of course! One thing is certain: their coaches, Zazie, Amel Bent and Vianney will have the pressure for them. Because this final is above all the culmination of weeks of hard work. The four finalists all sing extremely well but will have to stand out... Last week, the three talents of the team of Bigflo and Oli, Hanna, Dame and Fanchon, were eliminated, despite high-flying performances. Proof that nothing is ever won or played in advance. And, the final could well hold some big surprises!