Solène Delinger 17:03 pm, May 31, 2023

In an interview with Guyonne de Montjou for "Le Figaro", Léa Salamé spoke at length about her personal life. The journalist, whose talk show "Quelle époque!" is a hit every Saturday night on France 2, has found a form of serenity since she shares the life of Raphaël Glucksmann.

She changed thanks to love... Since she met her companion Raphaël Glucksmann seven years ago, on the set of On n'est pas couché, Léa Salamé is no longer the same. This is what she recently confided in an interview with Guyonne de Montjou for Le Figaro. " How has your relationship with Raphaël Glucksmann changed you?" the journalist asked. "She soothed me," replied Léa Salamé at first before explaining what Raphaël Glucksmann had brought her in recent years. "He taught me that it's not all about power. I thought that life was a balance of power all the time and that either you win or you lose. Either you move forward or you go backwards and actually, no," she said.

"He did things because of love"

Thanks to Raphaël Glucksmann, the star journalist of the PAF finally feels in tune with herself. "He taught me to lay down my arms. He taught me serenity. Accepting to be who I was. Break a little bit this kind of mega armor that I had built for myself. He did things thanks to love," she said in her interview with Le Figaro. Raphaël Glucksmann also gave Léa Salamé a son, little Gabriel, born in 2017. And, the journalist, at the helm of What a Time!, also learned to be a mother-in-law.

Before his meeting with Léa Salamé, Raphaël Glucksmann was already the father of a little boy, now eleven years old. "The mother-in-law relationship is a very special and very interesting and rewarding relationship," Salamé said. "It was a construction with my son-in-law, it's not immediate. We tame each other, we learn, we learn each other. And then love comes in and grows."

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"Making your couple last, it works on"

This is not the first time that Léa Salamé has opened up about her relationship with Raphaël Glucksmann. She recently confided in the columns of Gala to be very afraid of routine in the couple. "Habit and boredom are the two enemies of the couple, right? Making your couple last, it is worked, "she said before adding: "We must strive to preserve it despite the arrival of children and professional ambitions." A recipe that works wonderfully for the journalist and her companion, in love as on the first day.