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Al Pacino at a 2021 movie premiere: the actor is expecting another child

Photo: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Just a few weeks ago, actor Robert De Niro announced the birth of another child at the age of 79, and now colleague Al Pacino is going one better in the club of elderly fathers: In a few weeks, the 83-year-old and girlfriend Noor Alfallah are expecting a baby.

Initially, the US Promiseite »TMZ« had reported on corresponding rumors, now a spokesman for the Hollywood star confirmed the pregnancy to several media. According to the report, Alfallah is already eight months pregnant.

Pacino and Alfallah are said to have been together for about a year, but they are rarely seen in public. On the 29-year-old's Instagram channel, there is only one photo of the two together. It shows them at an exhibition opening in April.

Al Pacino already has three children. His eldest daughter Julie, 33, is from a relationship with dancer Jan Tarrant. Actress Beverly D'Angelo is the mother of twins Olivia and Anton, 22.

In a 2014 interview with »The New Yorker«, Pacino said that he never wanted to be like his own father. I wanted to be there. I am responsible for my children, I am part of their lives. If I don't, it's annoying for both me and them. And being a father gives me a lot."