In Kosovo, there are new clashes between Serbs and Albanian police and NATO members. Formally, KFOR members are called "peacekeepers", but everyone understands that their true task is to protect the second largest after the well-known German Ramstein, the American military base Camp Bondsteel.

The Serbian army is still standing near the administrative border with Kosovo and does not interfere in what is happening. Everyone understands perfectly well that the Kosovo armed forces themselves cannot oppose anything to the Serbian army - just as the Ukrainian army itself was powerless against Russia. But with the support of NATO, the situation is changing radically.

At the same time, if NATO does not (formally) interfere in the events in Ukraine with its human resources (although everyone understands who controls the Ukrainian air defense and plans military operations), then NATO members are in Kosovo quite officially.

No one needs a war in the center of Europe. In addition, NATO members are well aware that modern Serbia and Yugoslavia of the 1999 model of the year are different countries. Just as modern Russia and modern China are now completely different states than in the last year of the twentieth century.

And Europe has also changed a lot, and, unlike our country and China, not in the direction of strength, but in the direction of weakness.

Therefore, NATO will not be able to shoot the Serbian infrastructure safely and comfortably again. They will not pull two conflicts at the same time - they have neither so many military leaders nor so many weapons. Plus, the assistance to Serbia from Russia and China will be not only moral, as it was a little over 20 years ago. Therefore, NATO members will try to persuade Pristina and Belgrade to come to an agreement to the last.

But the Serbian residents of Kosovo, who are under the rule of the Albanians, have practically nothing to lose. The boycott of the municipal elections on their part was, in fact, an analogue of a hunger strike - that is, a suicidal gesture of despair. Then there may be either negotiations with a change in the status quo, or a mass exodus of Serbs from Kosovo and the transformation of this holy land for every Serb into a territory inhabited only by Albanians. Is Belgrade ready for this?

Judging by the fact that official Yerevan has finally come to terms with the fact that Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan, and the Armenians will now have to either leave their ancient Artsakh or live under the leadership of Baku, it cannot be ruled out that the Serbian leadership will eventually come to terms with the fact that there will be no more Serbs on the territory of Kosovo.

Of course, we are not talking about any "final solution to the Serbian question" in this case. This is the key mistake of the West - to believe that their foreign policy "successes" are serious and for a long time. Everyone understands perfectly well that as soon as the United States leaves Europe, and Western Europe takes care of its problems, the Serbs will immediately want to return theirs.

This, by the way, applies not only to Kosovo, but also to other territories from which they were expelled with the support of NATO.

A true peace settlement is always the restoration of justice, when even the losing side understands why it lost. Actually, that is why Germany does not claim either Alsace or East Prussia, and now the Kaliningrad region.

NATO's methods are, on the contrary, the preservation of injustice, they did it in Yugoslavia and they are now trying to do the same in Ukraine, where millions of Russian people are forced to communicate and teach children in a foreign language.

Do they understand that this conservation is possible only as long as NATO has enough strength to maintain the status quo? I guess they understand, not idiots. But they confidently believe that they will always have enough strength. Well, if suddenly it becomes not enough, then who will care then about these eastern barbarians? The principle of "after us even a flood" remains unchanged for both Europeans and Americans.

Therefore, now, most likely, it will not blaze, although, of course, nothing can be ruled out. But there is no doubt that sooner or later the Serbs will decide to restore justice.

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