Is a "minimalist" lunch for everyone?

What do you usually have for lunch? Is it a small bowl of vegetables and rice in the cafeteria, or a spicy hot rice bowl for takeaway? Recently, a diet called "white meal" has been brushed on the screen of Xiaohongshu, attracting many netizens to follow suit.

The main "cold", "vegetarian" and "small portions"

The reporter noticed that at first, some netizens with IP positioning in European countries shared their colleagues or their own lunches. For example, the netizen "Alice La Lala" who coordinates Denmark posted a colleague's lunch, which was a few small carrots and a few spinach. In the post, "Alice La La" was surprised, "Do they already produce energy on their own without eating?" ”

This sharing post attracted many netizens who coordinate Europe. "Silvia", a netizen based in Germany, said, "My colleague's lunch that has remained unchanged for more than ten years is a handful of oatmeal mixed with low-fat yogurt, accompanied by half an apple and a carrot, which has never changed for more than ten years." ”

If the "minimalist meal" was indeed on the other side of the ocean before, it has really blown a gust of wind among young people in China recently.

Where are the characteristics of this minimalist meal, there are three key words: "cold", "vegetarian" and "small portions". It is not difficult to find from the sharing platform that in addition to some people who are themselves losing fat and losing weight are "checking in", led by foreign company workers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, after discovering its simplicity, they did the opposite and treated it as a weekday lunch to cushion their stomachs.

Someone is "not sleepy", someone is "hungry and faints"

Why eat these? Miss Hu, a "post-00" who works in a financial institution in Shanghai, told reporters that she initially considered that such a diet was more convenient and could reduce fat by the way for a slightly fat self, "After trying for less than ten days, I feel okay, more time-saving, worry-free, money-saving and healthy, but from time to time it is still a little hungry." ”

Unlike Miss Hu, who just started to experience, "post-95" Miss Wu is a lover, and the eating habits she developed while studying in Australia have been brought back to China. And now she likes to eat it for a somewhat special reason, "I also know it's not delicious." But it is really refreshing, especially now that it is hot and has no appetite, eat five or six, six or seven points full, and then with ice American, I will not be sleepy when I work in the afternoon, and I will not feel that my brain becomes dull. ”

Perhaps this kind of eating is a kind of wisdom, so it has attracted a lot of people's attention and tried to follow the trend, but there are not many who can really adapt to it for a long time. "On the third day, I opened the lunch box and almost vomited", "After eating such a meal for a few days, my mentality collapsed", and some netizens jokingly said that they were "so hungry that they wanted to gnaw people"... Of course, this is not the most uncomfortable, a wave of people who started trying this meal earlier have quietly gone to the other extreme, eating light in the morning and lunch, and ordering takeout after work in the evening. There are also netizens who coordinate abroad and said the mystery, "Don't be silly, one of my colleagues has carrot broccoli in front of him, and lasagna chips in the back." ”

Nutrition experts: Similar to light fasting, it is not recommended to try it for a long time

Dai Chun, a nutritionist in charge of the nutrition and diet center of Nanjing First Hospital, told reporters that from a nutritional point of view, the "minimalist meal" is indeed less oil and salt than most Chinese cooking methods, because the total amount of food and the amount of oil used are much less, and the overall calories are also lower. At the same time, vegetables account for a large proportion, carbohydrate intake, especially refined white rice, refined white noodles are very small, even if there is a staple food is coarse grains. "This proportional structure has a good effect on short-term weight loss. However, it is not recommended to try it for a long time. ”

In fact, the so-called "minimalist meal" is not much different from the light fasting and fat-reducing meals that have been popular over the years. Dai Chun reminded that such a diet is not reasonable in terms of structure, calories and the proportion of the three major nutrients. Generally, in the normal and reasonable fat loss process to control the total calorie, when it encounters the plateau period, a method similar to this "light fasting" can be appropriately added. "That is, you can choose two days in a week, especially two consecutive days, and you can reduce weight well according to this diet structure."

She does not recommend long-term use of such a diet, "especially if you want to lose weight, we recommend to improve your lifestyle, from diet, exercise, work and rest aspects." Dai Chun reminded that it is still recommended to aim at "balance" in the daily diet and control the intake of monosaccharides or foods with a relatively large amount of fat.

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Lu Yanlin