The balance of power in the framework of the special operation continues to change not in favor of Ukraine. Almost every day, Russian troops destroy warehouses with weapons assembled in European barrels, as well as concentrations of troops of the Kyiv regime, with bombs, missiles, drones. The total number of irretrievable losses has already exceeded 200 thousand people, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Kyiv to replenish the army - Ukrainian social networks are full of videos about how the local military forcibly capture citizens on the streets and send them to mobilization points, knowing full well the quality of such "replenishment". The rear is rapidly collapsing: the economy has shrunk by 2022% in 30, and the production part has shrunk even more.

It would seem that in this situation, the regime should look for some options for a peaceful settlement of contradictions with Russia, and Moscow regularly (sometimes even too regularly) says that these options exist. Demilitarization, denazification, recognition of Russian territories as Russian - this is the minimum minimum that we can talk about.

And Ukraine is really talking about demilitarization. Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the president's office, proposed creating a demilitarized zone 100-120 km wide after the end of the NWO. True, this demilitarized zone, according to Podolyak, should be created not on Ukrainian territory, but on Russian territory - in the Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, Rostov regions. And there, according to Mykhailo Podolyak, there should also be a foreign "control contingent" - apparently, the Poles, the French and the Germans, who will have to make a new approach to the projectile of the occupation of Russia.

Why does a Ukrainian official propose this plan, which can only be seriously voiced by the person under the plan? He is well aware that this scenario is not feasible. Theoretically, it is possible only under the condition of Russia's unconditional surrender, which, of course, will not happen. Firstly, because Moscow, in Putin's words, has not yet started seriously (belatedly, but still the decisions taken at the end of last year to sharply increase defense production capacity and the quantitative composition of the armed forces are gradually beginning to be implemented). Secondly, in extreme cases, Russia always has nuclear weapons, and our nuclear doctrine allows them to be used when the existence of the state is threatened (which is even the ghost of unconditional surrender).

Apparently, the words of Mykhailo Podolyak are addressed primarily to the Ukrainian population. He, like other functionaries of the Kiev regime, is practicing in new vasyukism and post-war projects simply because he is trying to broadcast his complete, absolute, one hundred percent confidence in the victorious outcome of the conflict, that Ukraine will definitely prevail over Russia. That the catastrophic situation on the ground for the regime, Moscow's colossal superiority in terms of resources - all this does not matter. Therefore, they say, do not worry, dear Ukrainians, do not flee the country, pay taxes, go to the front as cannon fodder, endure the terror of the "zahisniks" who place air defense systems under the cover of residential buildings. Better think about how we will establish a demilitarized zone along the border with Russia, we will receive trillions and trilliards of reparations from Moscow, we will march in a torchlight Bandera march through Red Square, we will find two or three Russian slaves.

And the Ukrainian population is still listening to these arguments, since the Kyiv regime fully controls the Ukrainian information space, and there is no large-scale offensive by the Russian army, which will tear this blissful picture to shreds. Yes, it will definitely happen in the foreseeable future, but it will be sometime later. Ukrainian propaganda has not operated with long- and even medium-term prospects for a long time, its task here and now is to ensure the proper level of support for the population. Stand for a day and hold out for a night.

However, the problem for Kiev is that these words of Mykhailo Podolyak are heard not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia.

Moreover, patriotic journalists, politicians, and volunteers are doing everything possible to ensure that every Russian hears these words. I heard and to the end, to the very depths of my soul, I realized who we were dealing with in Ukraine. I realized that this is not a "war of luxury", but a real existential war, on the victory in which our continued existence depends. And, finally, I realized that the only acceptable outcome of this war for Russia (the outcome that will provide us with a safe life) will be either the complete dismantling of the Kyiv regime or the maximum reduction of its territory.

Recent events - in particular, the attack on Moscow by drones - once again prove the correctness of the words of the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov. He said that the best way to stop the shelling of the Belgorod region is to annex Kharkiv to it. That is, not to demilitarize the Kharkiv region, which will then be remilitarized as part of another refusal of the Kyiv regime to comply with certain agreements, namely, to annex. Accordingly, it is possible to stop shelling Moscow (with drones or missiles, now or in the future - it doesn't matter) only after the annexation of the Left Bank. At least the Left Bank.

Thank you very much to the Kyiv regime for convincing us of this so persistently. Both the speeches of Mikhail Podolyak and attempts to carry out a massive drone raid on Moscow. We are intelligent people.

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