As college graduates are about to enter the workplace, the police issue tips to remind graduates to beware of "job traps" and be wary of routines and scams.

Black intermediary traps

Some illegal employment agencies charge job seekers various fees in disguised form in the name of job introduction, and their typical feature is that they do not have relevant qualifications such as human resources service licenses, and impersonate or falsify relevant qualifications to defraud job seekers.

When college graduates sign an agreement with a market intermediary, do not believe their verbal promises, be sure to read the content of the contract, and do not sign blindly.

Charging traps

In the name of recruitment, employers or intermediaries collect fees such as application fees, clothing fees, and physical examination fees for college graduates. When a graduate joins the employer, the employer fabricates various reasons to refuse the graduate to work or dismisses him midway.

College graduates should keep in mind that there is no cost to apply for a job itself. If the payment is made, it must be required to issue a formal invoice and affix the official seal of the unit to preserve evidence for possible disputes and rights protection.

Lending traps

Some intermediaries or employers use high-paying employment as bait to promise college graduates employment after training, but they must borrow from designated lending institutions to pay training fees. At the end of the training, training providers often struggle to deliver on their promises or recommend jobs that fall far short of their original commitments.

College graduates should carefully sign loan agreements or training agreements containing loan content, and pay attention to retaining relevant materials. Once you find that you have been deceived, immediately report the case to the relevant departments.

MLM traps

Pyramid schemes refer to the behavior of organizers or operators obtaining the qualifications to join or develop others by recruiting personnel to pay fees or purchase goods, etc., and seek illegal benefits.

College graduates must be clear that MLM is an illegal act, understand the basic characteristics of MLM in the job search, and keep a high degree of clarity on the publicity of the development of the downline, so as to prevent falling into the trap of MLM design. If you accidentally enter the pyramid scheme, under the premise of ensuring personal safety, get out and call the police as soon as possible.