On the 24th, there was an accident at the US Navy Atsugi Base in Kanagawa Prefecture in which fuel for aircraft spilled into the river. The local city of Ayase has installed oil-absorbing mats in the river and warned residents to be careful.

According to Ayase City, in the afternoon of the 24th, fuel for aircraft leaked from the U.S. Navy Atsugi Air Base in Japan, which straddles Ayase City and Yamato City, and leaked into the Tatekawa River, which flows through the base, via the South Kanto Defense Bureau of the Ministry of Defense.

When city officials checked the downstream of the base, they found oil around Tachikawa Bridge, which is about 1 km south, so they installed an oil mat to adsorb oil.

In addition, the riverside area of Ayanan Park downstream is off-limits, and disaster prevention radios are used to urge people not to enter the river.

According to the city, what flowed out was "JP5", which is a fuel for aircraft, and the ingredients are the same as kerosene.

The amount that flowed out is not known, and there is no information on the damage so far.

Tadashi Masuda, manager of the Ayase City Environmental Conservation Division, said, "We would like to ask citizens not to enter the river and take measures to prevent the impact from spreading.