"This week, a gradual increase in temperature will continue, but no noticeable heat is expected in the metropolitan area," he said.

According to the weather forecaster, almost every day until the end of the working week, short-term rains are possible, sometimes with thunderstorms.

"There will be especially many of them this coming Wednesday and Friday. Tomorrow in the capital +20 ... + 21 ° C. On Thursday one or two degrees warmer. The warmest day of this week will be Friday - about + 23 ... + 24 ° C. On Saturday, a cold atmospheric front will flow into the capital region. There will be short-term rains, + 18 ... + 19 ° C, and on Sunday it will be a few degrees colder, but on Monday it will be +20 ° C again, "said Leus.

Earlier, the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow Region appealed to motorists not to exceed the speed limit and observe traffic rules in rainy weather.