Coinciding with the G7 Hiroshima Summit, evacuees from Ukraine and others gathered in the plaza in front of Shibuya Station in Tokyo on the afternoon of March 21 to call for further support from other countries.

This event was held at the call of organizations engaged in support activities in Ukraine, and more than 50 people, including evacuees and supporters from Ukraine, participated.

The participants shouted "Let's help Ukraine" and sent messages to the countries participating in the summit and to the people who came and went.

Yasencechuk Alisa, a 22-year-old Ukrainian evacuee and office worker, said, "I used to live in Okayama Prefecture, which is next to Hiroshima, and I am very happy that President Zelensky came to Hiroshima. I was talking.

Sofiya Sauchuk, a 20-year-old Ukrainian evacuee and university student, said, "I am from Kyiv and I have been evacuating using a university program that accepts Ukrainian students Japan and I am very grateful for the support. Even now, in the area where my family and friends live, there is damage from bombing every day, and I am so worried that I cannot express it in words, and I hope that peace will be achieved soon. That's why it's very important for the president to come directly to the summit and ask for help, including military support and treatment of wounded soldiers."

Ms. Marowa Natalya, a Ukrainian who is supporting the evacuees, said, "Of course, the summit held in Hiroshima, which was saddened by nuclear weapons, is meaningful, but Ukraine needs more support, so we will continue to focus on fundraising and other activities."