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The capital of Seville bustles more than ever. Therefore, here is a complete roadmap with all the essentials not to be missed in a 48-hour visit. Or 24 for the most express travelers. There is room for everything: leisure, culture, gastronomy, art, marching... Including several free tours.

The classic of always

Whoever goes to Seville for the first time (or who has been 10 times) has to make a stop in front of the Cathedral, the Torre del Oro, the Giralda, the Reales Alcázares, the Casa de Pilatos, the Maestranza, the María Luisa Park, the Plaza de España, the palaces of San Telmo or Dueñas, the Archivo de Indias, the Basilica of the Macarena and the museums of Fine Arts and Contemporary Art. Just to mention some of the monuments and must-see spaces. It would be necessary to take a walk through neighborhoods as emblematic as Santa Cruz or Triana.

Boat trip in the Plaza de EspañaTOURISM ANDALUSIA

Tapas or table and tablecloth

Few cities are as gastronomic as this one. The tapas route such as meat with tomato, dogfish in adobo, salad, pringá, sirloin with whiskey, snails or spinach with chickpeas can not be missed. They can be tasted in places (many are missing, eh?) such as the Catedral or Estrella bars, the Belmonte tavern or Casa Moreno, where you can also buy the best delicatessen and sausages in the city. Whoever wants to taste the sea has to go to Cañabota, with a Michelin star. Manzil, with renovated traditional cuisine, Casa Ozama, El Burladero, El pintón, Castizo or Lalola are other gastronomic restaurants that you have to know. Overlooking the Guadalquivir we have María Trifulca, looking at Triana.

Terrace with views of the María Trifulca restaurant.

From store to store

Sierpes Street, from Plaza de la Campana to San Francisco, one of the most commercial streets of the city and where most of the well-known brands (and others not so much) follow one another, so the most classic ones have to come here. Those with a somewhat more alternative profile have the surroundings of the Plaza de la Encarnación (that of the famous mushrooms), where local artisanal products (such as Buffana Hats hats) or ecological (Verde Moscow or Zapata) are concentrated. The area has been called Soho Benita (Benito Pérez Galdós street is one of the epicenters; hence the name) and also brings together cafes, art galleries, taverns, restaurants and cultural centers.

The Plaza de la Encarnación, with its famous 'mushrooms'. SHUTTERSTOCK

Free tours for all

Those who want to tour the city quickly and above all economically can sign up for the different free tours offered. Some focus on key points such as the Cathedral, the Alcázar, the Giralda, the Maestranza and the Plaza de España, while others delve into what the city was like during the Golden Age, its moment of greatest splendor, when it became the main headquarters for business with Latin America. This last two-hour route departs from the Plaza Nueva and then knows enclaves such as the Puerta de América, the Plaza del Triunfo, the Casa de la Contratación, the Real Casa de la Moneda, the Customs, the Church of La Caridad, the Cathedral, the Atarazanas or the Torre del Oro. There are more itineraries such as the legends and mysteries of Seville or a boat trip on the Guadalquivir. At the end, the participant of these free tours can contribute the amount they consider appropriate.

The Real Maestranza de Sevilla.TURISMO ANDALUCÍA

What is cooked in the Alameda de Hércules

One of the places that, in recent years, has become fashionable is the Alameda de Hércules, full of bars, taverns, shops, galleries and artistic spaces. Hence also its increasingly powerful gentrification process. One can taste a pringá at Las Columnas or a selection of creative tapas at Arte y Sabor. You can also have a drink while reading or buying a novel at El viajero sedentario, a café-bookshop with terrace included of the most pleasant. Here you will also find the Mercado de Feria, a good place to browse among the many stalls of sausage, fried fish, empanadas, meat or even sushi.

Columns of the Alameda de Hércules.SHUTTERSTOCK

The best tablaos and bars

Finally, you can not miss a night route through the best clubs. The list is endless, we warn you, but we are left with a few. From El Gallo Negro to O'Clock, Rockefeller or Le XIX Another place to know is Santo Copas (in the EME Catedral Hotel), whose combinations are captained by Manuel Martín, who has become world champion of cocktails. If the idea is to enjoy a flamenco tablao, there are many interesting options. Like Los Gallos, El Palacio Andaluz or El Arenal, to name just a few.

Tablao Los Gallos.

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